Delta 8 THC in Kentucky: Is it Legal?


Is Delta-8 THC Legal in Kentucky

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Delta-8 THC, a cannabinoid produced by the hemp plant, is gaining popularity across the country due to its potential for use in both medical and recreational settings. Although the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, Delta 9 THC, and Delta-8 THC may share some characteristics, their effects are different and generally less potent when consumed.

So, is Delta 8 THC legal in Kentucky?

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In Kentucky, Delta 8 THC Is Legal

According to Kentucky state legislation, Delta-8 THC is legal as of today, September 17, 2021. The state of Kentucky has authorized all hemp derivatives, cannabinoids, and isomers, including all tetrahydrocannabinols except Delta 9 THC.

Thankfully, Kentucky has laws similar to those that apply to Delta 8 THC in North Carolina and Delta 8 THC in Virginia. It might possibly remain this way permanently with enough work!

Here are the appropriate bills:

KRS 260.850 TO 260.869 INDUSTRIAL HEMP
260.850 Definitions

(5) “Industrial hemp” means the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of that plant, including the seeds thereof and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than three-tenths of one percent (0.3%) on a dry weight basis;

Kentucky Building

(6) “Industrial hemp products” means products derived from, or made by, processing industrial hemp plants or plant parts;

(Full Bill)

40 KRS 218A.010
218A.010 Definitions for chapter.

(27) “Marijuana” means all parts of the plant Cannabis sp., whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of the plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant, its seeds or resin or any compound, mixture, or preparation which contains any quantity of these substances. The term “marijuana” does not include:

(a) Industrial hemp that is in the possession, custody, or control of a person who holds a license issued by the Department of Agriculture permitting that person to cultivate, handle, or process industrial hemp;

(b) Industrial hemp products that do not include any living plants, viable seeds, leaf materials, or floral materials;

(c) The substance cannabidiol, when transferred, dispensed, or administered pursuant to the written order of a physician practicing at a hospital or clinic affiliated with a Kentucky public university having a college or school of medicine;

(d) For persons participating in a clinical trial or in an expanded access program, a drug or substance approved for the use of those participants by the United States Food and Drug Administration;

(e) A cannabidiol product derived from industrial hemp, as defined in KRS 260.850; or

(f) A cannabidiol product approved as a prescription medication by the United States Food and Drug Administration;

(Full Bill)

Cannabis Policy in Kentucky

Earlier in 2020, the Kentucky state house overwhelmingly approved a bill authorizing the use of medical marijuana; it was subsequently referred to a Senate committee. Sen. Whitney Westerfield, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, was quoted as saying, "I know it won't get a hearing until I'm fine with it, and for sure I've still got questions right now," which contributed to the delay in holding a hearing on the issue until 2020.

The Medical Marijuana Law, or House Bill 136, has been referred to by both supporters and opponents as the nation's strictest medical marijuana law. There are still a lot of unanswered issues, and many professionals are carefully analyzing the implications of legalization for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Can You Buy Delta 8 In Kentucky?

You can, of course! Kentucky legislators allowed the use and sale of hemp products back in 2017. The Kentucky farmers and the cannabis industry both greatly benefited from this. Since Kentucky authorized the practice, nearly 32,000 acres have been granted a license to grow hemp.

CBD or Delta-8 do not have concentration restrictions as of September 17, 2021, but Delta-9 does. A hemp product cannot contain more Delta 9 than 0.3% on a dry weight basis, in accordance with federal legislation.

Where Can I Buy Delta 8 THC in Kentucky?

Hemp can be purchased easily in Kentucky. You can get hemp products from your neighborhood CBD or hemp store. To meet the demands of each and every one of our customers, CannaAid provides a range of Delta 8 goods. Yet, we offer a simple tool if you're seeking CannaAid merchandise locally. Utilize our website's "Find A Store" menu to use the store locator to find the retailer that is most convenient for you.

How Old Must You Be In Kentucky To Purchase Delta 8 THC?

You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase Delta 8 in Kentucky.

Buy Delta 8 THC Online In Kentucky With CannaAid

Is Delta 8 available online? Thankfully, it is! Kentucky is one of the states that can ship hemp goods under the 2018 Farm Bill.

At CannaAid, all federal regulations are followed by our products, and the purchasing procedure is very simple. The item will be covertly delivered to your home within a few days with a debit or credit card. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our customer service representatives right away.

Want Kentucky Delta 8 THC? See our extensive collection of incredible Delta 8 products:

All of our products are made with high-quality ingredients and have COAs (certificates of analysis) from third-party labs. Our products will be delivered to your front door quickly and discreetly.

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