Delta 8 Wholesale

Delta-8 THC Wholesale


Wholesale Delta-8 has become super popular in recent years. It is extremely important to know all of the information about these Delta-8 products before you start purchasing them, to ensure quality, affordability, and reliability. In this article we will provide you information on Delta-8 THC wholesale, the products we offer, and the common FAQs. Discover what all the hype is about Delta-8 by reading on. There are different reasons why one may want to buy 8 in bulk. The most common reason is stocking up on Delta-8 products for retail purposes. It is beneficial for retailers to buy bulk Delta-8 because it comes along with an awesome price-point. In comparison to buying large quantities of these products from a company that does not offer the wholesale advantage, they can save a ton of money.

Buy Wholesale and Save 50%

On average our wholesale products sell for 50% less than retail prices. Click below and sign up to become a wholesale buyer today!

Why is CannaAid the place to buy Delta-8 wholesale products?


CannaAid is the best place to purchase bulk Delta-8 THC, because of the quality, price point, and transparency we offer. With over 500,000 products shipped, we are a highly sought-after hemp provider. 

The convenience of our products is also one of the reasons that we have such happy customers, since you don’t even have to leave your couch to order from us. With a few simple clicks on your device, you can have awesome Delta-8 wholesale products to your doorstep in no time. 

When it comes to our customers, our main goal is to please, which is why we appreciate feedback and take every comment into consideration.

Best Delta-8 Wholesale Products


We have a variety of products ranging in a number of flavors and potencies, ensuring that there is something for every body. 

Below, we explain a little about the bulk Delta-8 THC products we have available for purchase.

CannaAid Watermelon Gummies Delta 8 Edibles 960MG

Delta-8 Gummies Wholesale


We offer an array of gummies, coming in many different flavors, sizes, and potencies. These flavors include blueberry, cherry, green Apple, pineapple, blue razz, strawberry, watermelon, and mystery flavor. There are also different cannabinoids within our gummy choices, meaning that some are just Delta 8, while others have added CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, and THCV. There are also different options on potency – starting at 80 MG and going all the way up to 960 MG.

CannaAid Delta 8 THC Trippy Treat Rainbow 100 MG

Delta-8 Edibles Wholesale


In addition to the assortment of gummies that we offer, there are some alternatives. We are aware that the gummy texture isn’t appealing to every customer, so we added some variety. We offer saltwater taffy in the flavors peanut butter cup and tropical (each containing 10 pieces of 10mg taffy per bag). The tropical treat includes the flavors watermelon, banana, orange, and lemon. We also have both rainbow and chocolate flavors in our “trippy treats.” There is 100mg of Delta-8 per trippy treat (one in each package). 

If you’re not here for flavor, we even have a few options of capsules for you. One of our most popular flavorless options is our Delta-8 Hoji nanocapsules – which have 10 water soluble capsules with 15mg of Delta-8 THC per capsule. If you’re looking for a little more bang for your buck, there is the option of our Delta-8 softgel capsules – that have 30 Gel Capsules with 25mg of Delta-8 THC per soft gel. Our final flavorless option is our Delta-8 + CBN Soft Gels – that have 30 Gel Capsules with 15mg of D8 + 10mg of CBN per soft gel.

CannaAid Delta 8 Tangie Cookies Cartridge 1 ml

Delta-8 Carts Wholesale


If you’re looking for an extremely simple and convenient way to experience your Delta-8, our vape cartridges will probably appeal to you. All of our vape cartridges are 1 ML at affordable prices. There are a ton of flavors and strains to choose from, including Stoney Pebbles, Pineapple Express, Dosi Mango, Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, OG Kush, White Widow, Froyo, Tropicana Banana, Blue Razz, Mamacita Cookies, The New, Tangie Cookies, Super Sour Space Candy, Grape Ape, Mango Kush, and Grape Ape live resin. Some of our cartridges only contain Delta-8, while others feature added cannabinoids like CBN and THCP.

CannaAid Delta 8 Mini Disposable Vape Pen

Delta-8 Disposables Wholesale


If you want to avoid charging your vape pen or buying new cartridges, check out our disposable vapes. One of our disposable vapes come in 1 ML sizes and are offered in the strain, Froyo.  We also offer a combo package of both a sativa (Sour Diesel) and an indica (Northern Lights) – so you can get the best of both worlds. Not only are our disposable vape cartridges convenient for on-the-go dosing, but they are rich in terpenes.

CannaAid Delta 8 Sour Diesel Preroll

Delta-8 Pre Rolls Wholesale

If you’re wanting the old-school flower experience without the hassle of rolling it up or using a smoking device, we have you covered with our pre-rolls. These are very cost-efficient,  priced under $10 each and available in Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Tropicana Cookies, and Sour Diesel. There is 100 MG of Delta-8 in each pre-roll so you can get the most out of your cannabinoid experience.

CannaAid Delta 8 Sour Diesel Distillate 1 Gram

Delta-8 Distillate Wholesale


For those who are into dabbing, we’ve got you covered. We offer six different strain options of distillate syringes including  Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Durban Poison, White Widow, and Gelato. The price per 1 gram dabbable syringe is only $24.99 — how budget-friendly! These distillate syringes are super easy to use and mess-free, unlike other standard forms of dabbing.

CannaAid Delta 8 Tincture 10,000 mg

Delta-8 Tinctures Wholesale


If inhaling isn’t your preference but you’re still wanting your quick results, we have our tinctures. Our Delta 8 tinctures come in different MG options of 600, 1,200, 5,000, and 10,000, which start at only $19.99. If you want a tincture that is 1,000 MG Delta-8 and 1,000 MG CBD then we have this option available as well. There are also tinctures with 1,000 MG Delta-8 that have either 1,000 MGCBG or 1,000MG CBN added to them. The assortment of cannabinoids available in our tinctures will be sure to provide you the desired effect you’re seeking.

Buy Wholesale and Save 50%

On average our wholesale products sell for 50% less than retail prices. Click below and sign up to become a wholesale buyer today!

How to Become a

Delta-8 Wholesaler

If you’d like to become a Delta-8 wholesaler, we don’t blame you. When you buy Delta-8 in bulk, you’ll be saving a massive amount of money on high-quality products. You can provide your customers with a great and affordable experience, while also stocking up for yourself. 

You can order from our website by filling out a simple form that will get you directly in touch with our CannaAid team. Once you fill out this form, we will contact you as soon as we can.  You can also contact us by email or by phone — we’re truly happy to assist anyone who is curious about the wholesale process. After we get in contact, you’ll have the opportunity to order your Delta-8 bulk right from your smart-phone or computer. After each purchase is complete, we will get your items shipped to you in a timely manner, so there is very little wait time. After all, we know how ready you’ll be to receive our awesome products and sell them in your online or offline store.

How to Buy Delta-8 at Wholesale Prices

You can buy Delta-8 at wholesale prices by becoming a Delta-8 wholesaler. The process to becoming a Delta-8 wholesaler is quite simple, you just go to our website and visit the “Wholesale” tab. This tab will take you directly to the wholesale page with our form to fill out. Once this is filled out, we will contact you to answer any questions and set up your wholesale account. This account will be available for your use at any time you need to order Delta-8 in bulk.

After we get in contact with you and get everything set up, you will be able to start ordering your Delta-8 THC wholesale products – getting them shipped directly to your door. When shopping for your favorite products, you'll notice our wholesale options. Whichever ones most appeal to you, go ahead and fill your cart. It really is that simple to buy Delta-8 at wholesale prices. And, if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us. We would be glad to walk you through any part of the process that you’re having trouble with/ questions about. We assure you that the process will be quick and hassle-free, making your experience pleasant.

Tips for Buying Delta-8 in Bulk

If you’re interested in buying Delta-8 in bulk, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will want to be sure to check out the available lab-testing results, the price-point, and the reviews of the products. If the company you’re buying from doesn’t offer lab-test results or has a poor l reputation, it may be a place you’ll want to avoid. This is a cannabis product that requires full transparency from seed to shelf. If you want to get a little more in-depth with the overall quality of the products, customer reviews can also be resourceful.

Become a Wholesaler Today!

Delta-8 Wholesale - Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re wanting to know more about how to become a wholesaler, the do’s and dont’s of the process and why it’s beneficial, please read on below to learn more.

After you’ve filled out the necessary information that we require and we contact you, you can order your products directly from us. From there, we will promptly get the products shipped right to your address. As long as your business is in operation, it shouldn’t take long for you to start selling your newly purchased  bulk Delta-8.

When choosing your wholesale Delta-8 products, it’s important to get educated on the variety of products offered — the price point, reputability, and ingredients are all at the top of the list for importance as well. There should also be third-party lab testing available, as well as an option to contact the company for any questions you may have. When you buy Delta-8 bulk, be certain you’re taking all of these things into account.

There is not a specific amount of money you will save, as each person’s order will vary. However, you can be sure that you will save a tremendous amount of money on each purchase by choosing to purchase wholesale Delta-8. Each purchase you make on your wholesale account will help you save, but if you’d like to know the exact amount, you can always contact our support team. If you fill out our wholesale application online, then you will be able to receive even more information about pricing.

You can buy Delta-8 THC wholesale products online, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. If you check our website and fill out our wholesale form, you’ll be directly contacted by our team regarding wholesaling. It is extremely convenient and only takes a few minutes to fill out our short form (with your name, business name, and contact information). Once this is filled out, you can expect us to contact you in no time. 

After providing us the  necessary information, we will be able to inform you on the products we offer and help you set up your online account. You can then browse our buying options and order directly from us at CannaAid.

One of the most important things to be aware of when buying your Delta-8 THC wholesale items is the quality. If you’re buying from a reputable brand like CannaAid, you can rest assured in knowing that the products you’ve chosen are thoroughly tested, and have natural ingredients. We take pride in being able to provide our customers with top of the line production from start to finish.

Another way to check the reputability of a Delta-8 wholesaler is to carefully read the customer reviews. You want to be sure that the company you are purchasing Delta-8 THC bulk from is offering you insight into how their previous customers’ experiences went. There are a ton of people in the cannabis community, so there should be an adequate amount of reviews for you to cypher through. If the reviews reflect most of these customers being pleased with the products that the company is offering, that may be a good sign you can trust the company. Fortunately, each of our products at CannaAid have a “reviews” option under them for customers to express their thoughts. Additionally, our products are equipped with QR codes, so that you receive full transparency of what you’re purchasing and more importantly, consuming. 

After all, you can’t receive the best results from poor products.

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