Is HHC Legal in California?

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If you are into hemp and hemp-based products, you may know about THC and CBD, the two most common cannabinoids. But do you know of HHC? It is another cannabinoid, and if you are wondering if HHC in California is legal, we are here to answer all your questions. 

HHC has always existed, but it is new to the cannabis market. Hence all the confusion around it. 

The thing is, hemp-based products with up to 0.3% THC are legal across the United States, as the federal government passed the Farm Bill in 2018. So technically, HHC also falls into this bracket. It is a new cannabinoid. This is why it is not specifically spoken about.  

The catch is that even though HHC is federally legal, it is up to the individual states if they want to legalize it and to what extent. 

This just adds to the confusion! 

But we are here to break it all down for you. By the end of the article, you will know what HHC is, what the different types of products are, and what the HHC legality aspect is in California.  

Is HHC Legal in California?

Yes, HHC is legal in California if it is extracted from a hemp plant and comprises up to 0.3% THC. Also, the person who is consuming and dealing with this must be at least 21 years old. 

HHC and Federal Law

The US federal government passed the Farm Bill in 2018, which made hemp-based products across the country legal as long as they contained up to 0.3% THC. 

HHC also falls under this category, so technically, it becomes legal. 

It is just that it is not specifically mentioned in the law because it is a new entrant in the cannabis industry. 

All of these factors make the legality of HHC complicated.

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California HHC Laws

California is among the most accepting states regarding marijuana products. It was also the first to legalize medicinal cannabis over 20 years ago!

The restrictions are related to the THC percent and possession limits of the products. 

And when it comes to HHC, state law permits extracts from hemp. These are exempt from the norms related to cannabis. So yes, the state has legalized HHC products that are derived from hemp and not the marijuana plant. 

Is HHC a Controlled Substance in California?

No, as long as the HHC is extracted from a hemp plant, California does not consider it a controlled substance.

And when it comes to HC, the state does not treat it as a controlled substance; however, the federal law does. But federal law also allows THC up to 0.3%. 

To sum this up, HHC is not a controlled substance in California. 

HHC Possession Limits in California

HCH is legal in California, but the laws still require clarity regarding its possession. As it is a new substance, it has yet to enter the government's vocabulary. According to state law, one must be 21 years of age or older to possess up to an ounce of material from the cannabis plant and up to 8g of cannabis concentrates. 

As HHC disposables and oils are cannabis concentrates, we can safely assume that the 8g limit applies to them as well.

The information on this website is not intended to be legal advice and does reflect any opinions on the state of any laws. Any information, content, or materials made available on this website are only for general informational purposes and shouldn't be relied upon to make decisions of any kind. State-by-state regulations vary and are continually changing. The content on this page might not be the most recent legal or other information available. To get counsel on any specific legal situation, including whether a product is lawful to sell, possess, or consume, readers of this website should speak with their attorney.  Readers, users, and website visitors should seek legal advice from their own counsel in their specific jurisdiction before acting or refraining from acting based on information on this site. The opinions expressed on or through this website are solely those of the authors who have contributed and not those of CannaAid as a whole. 

What are the various types of HHC products available online? 

You can get various products online, from HHC gummies to disposables to salves and tinctures. You will get all these in various varieties at the best prices at the CannaAid Shop. 

We have various vape flavor combinations. These include strawberry, banana, watermelon, guava, kiwi, apple, pineapple, mint, ice, spice, berries, coconut, etc. You will surely love our HHC carts. 

If you want to try out HHC in an edible form, then get the gummies. They have a delicious fruity flavor. 

And if you want to try HHC without any flavor, we have a solution for that as well. It comes with a dropper and is in a glass bottle. You add a few drops to your meals and are good to go. You will not even know that you just consumed it. This product is called HHC Tincture

Another product you need to try is the HHC Salve. It contains beeswax as well as oils that are infused with cannabis. The application is like body butter. 

Where can I get the best HHC products online?

Without a doubt, CannaAid Shop is your best bet to purchase HHC online. We have many categories and types of this new cannabinoid, like vape cartridges, gummies, tinctures, salves, etc. And all of it is so well-priced. We are sure to become your go-to place when it comes to purchasing HHC items.

Conclusion: Is HHC Legal in California?

Yes, HHC is legal in California as long as it has 0.3% THC and is derived from a hemp plant, not a marijuana one.

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