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Hemp plants contain over 100 cannabinoids. THC and CBD, the two main cannabinoids, have been and remain to be widely explored, allowing us to get a better knowledge of their advantages. However, a number of recent research studies have shed light on the different functions and possibilities of cannabinoids classified as minor. The lesser-known cannabinoids CBC and CBN are seeing an increase in customer demand, which is making CBD products and wholesalers more competitive in the market.

CannaAid offers CBC wholesale and CBC bulk to fill any need. Discover what all the fuss is about by reading on.

CBC Cannabinoid: What is it?

You've definitely heard of cannabinoids, notably the two most well-known, CBD and THC. But you've probably won’t recognize cannabichromene, or CBC. CBC cannabinoids is recognized as a "big six" CBC cannabinoids studied in medical research, having been discovered more than 50 years ago. Although it does not receive as much engagement, the effects of CBC are quite promising.

THC and CBD come from cannabigerolic acid, which is where CBC comes from (CBGA). CBGA remains a precursor of three main cannabinoids: cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), and then cannabichromenic acid (CCA) (CBCA).

The broken down product is "directed" into one of the three lines by the particular plant enzymes that cascade and "direct" it. After exposure to warmth or UV light, it changes from CBGA to the cannabichrome carboxylic acid (CBCA) and ultimately to CBC.

CBC vs. CBD: What’s the Difference?

CBD (cannabidiol) and CBC cannabinoid (cannabidiol)

The vanilloid receptors (TRPV1) are predominantly affected by CBC, while its CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid synapses have just a slight effect. CBD binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors more strongly.

What exactly does this imply? CBD and CBC both offer similar benefits, although each has a minor edge over the other in particular areas.

Types of CBC Products

Because CBC cannabinoid is currently considered a new cannabinoid, there aren't many CBC-specific products available – at least not yet. Things are starting to shift, and more hemp flowers, CBC-rich tinctures, and extracts have been introduced to the market in recent months.

Hemp Flower CBC

There are presently no specialized CBC hemp flowers available, but cannabis breeders are working on it. Some hemp or marijuana strains, on the other hand, have higher-than-average CBC cannabinoid levels. Rarely do these blooms have more than 1% or 2% CBC. CBD or THC make up the bulk of the cannabinoid compositions in these plants.

Marijuana Strains with a high CBC score:

  • Maui Dream
  • Charlotte's Web

Tinctures from CBC

Presently, the most common form of CBC cannabinoid is a tincture or oil. This is because making CBC goods from a concentrated version is significantly easier.

To separate the constituents of raw hemp, it goes through many extraction processes. Pure CBD, which is used to manufacture oils, pills, gummies, and concentrates, is the main focus. Manufacturers also get a tiny amount of CBC, CBG extracts, THCV, or CBN as a by product, which they employ to produce specific oils or tinctures.

CBC tinctures & oils come in a variety of potencies, just like CBD oils. You may use the same instructions for administering CBD oil for the dosage. The dosages of CBC and CBD are quite comparable. Just bear in mind that after you start using it and see how it impacts you personally, you may need to alter the amount higher or lower.

Concentrates of CBC

CBC cannabinoid concentrations are often isolates that contain 90–95 percent pure CBC. There are no crystals in this cannabis. This implies it'll always be in the shape of a thick, syrupy extract rather than the more common crystalline or powdered form.

To make it easier to use, most businesses supply CBC isolate in syringes.

You may use these concentrates in a vaporizer, a dab rig, or straight consume them.

CBC Cartridges & Vapes

CBC cannabinoid vape cartridges are just a typical 8 mm replacement vape cart packed with much of the same CBC isolate as stated previously. To manufacture a CBC-infused vape oil, several businesses combine the CBC extracts with an e-liquid base.

These items are simple to use, although they are more expensive per milligram than concentrations or oils.

Why Choose CannaAid Shop for CBC Products?

Your one-stop store for top-shelf CBC cannabinoids for sale at the most affordable pricing. CannaAid sells top-of-the-line hemp goods produced in the United States at guaranteed reasonable pricing. Is there a better deal anywhere else? Notify us of the competitor's price and we will meet or beat it.

CBC's goal has always been to provide our customers with top-of-the-line online products, wholesale pricing, bulk orders, and more, for the lowest possible price, and we accomplish this by eliminating middlemen and passing on the savings to you, our valued customers.

THC Delta 8 + CBC Blue Razz Gummies 30MG

Sour but sweet, these Delta 8 and CBC Blue Razz gummies are some of the best CBC products online. CBC cannabinoid gummies are among the most popular CBC products. This is due in part to their great level of comfort. Although CBD tinctures as well as other CBD edibles have their advantages, nothing beats sucking down a tasty CBD gummy & getting a full dosage of beneficial CBD.

This CBC for sale delivers 15mg of CBC along with 15mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy. You get an 8 count of pectin, vegan gummies that won’t melt before you can enjoy them.

Full Spectrum+ Tincture – CBD+CBG+CBC+CBN+D9+HHC

While the terms "CBC tincture" and "CBC oil" frequently are used interchangeably, they’re not interchangeable. Tinctures are produced by submerging cannabis in alcohol, where oils are created by floating CBC cannabinoid in a go-between oil such as coconut or olive oil.

Full Spectrum Tincture by CannaAid is prepared with the highest grade CBC, derived from hemp cultivated and processed in the United States. Full Spectrum, often known as whole-plant cannabis, has a broader range of terpenes and CBC cannabinoids with less than .3% THC, producing a synergistic "entourage" effect. Full Spectrum CBC Cannabinoid oil is free of preservatives and additives, and is lab verified for purity and quality.

CannaAid has a 1200mg the Full Spectrum CBC products for sale.

Best CBC Products Blue Razz Gummies 30MG each

These gummies are similar to the gummies above but, without the Delta-8 THC. 100% hemp derived, you can count on getting the full 30mg of CBC per gummy. Store them without worry as they won’t melt.

THCV Blend Vape Cartridge 0.5ML

THCv (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is a cannabinoid that has received little official scientific research. Depending on the dosage, THCv is either an antagonist or an activator of the CB1 receptor. It's been suggested that it could help with appetite suppression, but there aren't enough scientific research to confirm this.

This THCV Blend Vape Cartridge contains 350mg of THCV along with 100mg of CBC cannabinoid and 500mg of CBD.


What is CBC good for?

Cannabichromene, or CBC, is one of the 'big six' cannabinoids, or the six most studied cannabinoids found inside the plant cannabis sativa. CBC cannabinoid shares the same beginnings as CBD, converting from CBGA to CBCA and afterwards back to CBC after being exposed to UV light or heat. CBC, like CBD, is non-intoxicating.

CBC does not bind well to the CB1 cannabinoid brain receptors, CBC does not induce a 'high' like THC. CBC, on the other hand, binds to various receptors in the body, including the vanilloid receptor - associated (TRPV1) and the transient receptor ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) (TRPA1). Each of these sites are associated to pain perception, and when CBC stimulates them, the body's endogenous endocannabinoids, such as Anandamide, are released in greater amounts. It enhances Anandamide absorption, allowing it to remain in the circulation for longer.

CBC oils can be utilized in both edible and topical CBD products, including skincare products formulations.

Is CBC better than CBD?

Bare in mind the cannabichromene (CBC) is swiftly becoming one of the most popular cannabinoids in recent years when comparing CBC to CBD. CBD, on either hand, is equally as common as THC, if not more so. According to a 1981 research, CBC cannabinoids is the second most prevalent component in the flower, even surpassing CBD levels.

After the differentiation among CBD and CBG was identified, CBC gained popularity. Despite this, there are no cannabis Sativa cultivars with significant CBC contents.

Because of its possible therapeutic properties, CBC cannabinoid oil has been a source of interest in the medical sector.

Existing scientific research backs up the assumption that the cannabis Sativa flower is rich in beneficial cannabinoids. Scientists have uncovered CBC's potential worth and identified a few perceived advantages of this cannabinoid when comparing it to CBD.

The majority of high-quality CBD products will be available in broad spectrum or a full spectrum form. Both CBC & CBD are included in both of these products. By scanning a Qr code on any label, you may double-check the amount of both cannabinoids.

Among the most common components in cannabis, alongside CBD and THC, is CBC.

Is CBC Legal?

CBC is not accessible over-the-counter like CBD since it is a restricted chemical derived from marijuana. To buy marijuana products containing CBC, you'd need a medical marijuana card.

If extracted from hemp, CBC is expected to be lawful in the same way as CBD is. However, because rules differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and are always changing, it's important to know where it's legal to buy CBC.

Is CBC Safe?
CBC is completely non-psychoactive, so even extremely large dosages won't make you feel high, and it's unlikely to have any negative effects.
What’s the Dose of CBC?

You will need a different amount of CBC depending on your weight, age, metabolism, gender, and body chemistry.

Does CBC come from hemp?
CBC oil is derived from full-spectrum extracts of hemp plants containing less than 0.3% THC. CBC also comes in a liquid form with a set amount of milligrams.