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Pre-rolls, otherwise known as joints or jays, are some of the most popular, well-known cannabis products on the market. These products have been around for decades, and people of all experience levels, ages, and backgrounds can enjoy this potent form of cannabis. Recently, a new type of pre-roll has joined the market: delta 8 pre rolls.

If you’ve shopped for delta 8 products recently, you may have come across these special pre-rolls and wondered, “what are delta 8 preroll joints, and should I try one?” Here, we’ve broken down all you’ll need to know about delta 8 THC pre-rolls and what you can expect when you light one up.

What Are Delta 8 Pre Rolls?

Pre rolls, in general, are previously rolled joints filled with ground cannabis. You can find pre-rolls made of various materials, ranging from hemp to paper and even leaf wraps. But, instead of going through the hassle of rolling the joint yourself, pre-rolls come already rolled up, just as their name suggests.

A delta 8 preroll, then, is a preroll filled with delta 8 THC flower that you simply smoke just like you would any other joint. Growers cultivate D8-rich flowers and then manufacturers grind, pack, and roll these joints to perfection. All you have to do is light the end and inhale.

Delta 8 pre rolls are great options for people who either don’t enjoy rolling, don’t have time, or don’t have the accessibility. (After all, it can be tough!) And, with inhalation, you get the effects of the delta 8 cannabinoid almost immediately. There’s no waiting around involved.

If you come across a delta 8 THC pre-roll pack, this means that you’re not just buying one joint — you're buying multiple! A delta 8 pre roll pack may contain anywhere from 2 to 8 joints, maybe even more. These are a great option for those looking to enjoy a few joints or share them among friends.

CannaAid’s Best Delta 8 Pre Rolls Products Wholesale

Are you looking for the best delta 8 pre roll wholesale options? CannaAid is the place to go. Our online warehouse is stocked full of high-quality, potent delta 8 preroll joints that can’t be beat. On our website, you’ll find our delta 8 pre roll choices in four classic strains: Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Tropicana Cookies, and Sour Diesel.

Each one of these infused delta 8 pre roll joints contains 100 mg. of top-shelf delta 8 THC. We use premium D8 distillate in each of our delta 8 prerolls; this way, you’re always getting the most potent experience possible. CannaAid’s delta 8 pre roll price is always affordable, sitting at $9.99 for a one-gram joint.

The quality of our delta 8 prerolls is simply the best of the best. From the moment you start your joint to the second you’ve taken your last hit, you’ll be surprised by how smooth, tasty, and potent our D8 flower really is.

Delta 8 Pre Rolls FAQ

How do delta 8 pre rolls work?

Delta 8 pre rolls work through inhalation. Once you inhale the smoke, the cannabinoids within the smoke travel throughout your bloodstream, making their way in various places in your body. Thus, you’re left with a full-body feeling of relaxation, bliss, and comfort. These pre rolls will get to work immediately, so you don’t have to wait long at all for effects to kick in. Inhalation is the quickest way to experience the benefits overall!

Are delta 8 pre rolls federally legal?

Yes, delta 8 pre-rolls are federally legal, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill states that hemp — and hemp-derived products — are permitted in the US as long as they do not contain more than 0.3% THC and follow strict quality-control standards. So, a delta 8 pre roll will be legal as long as it comes from hemp and follows the regulations outlined in the Farm Bill. However, it is worth noting that some states have begun placing regulations on delta 8 THC products like pre-rolls. In fact, a few places across the US have actually banned the products entirely, making them illegal for consumption. Always double-check the delta 8 THC laws in your area before making a purchase to ensure you’re staying on the right side of the law.

Is a delta 8 pre roll safe to smoke?

Yes, a delta 8 pre roll is safe to smoke as long as you don’t have any lung complications or previous lung-related illnesses. However, if you’re concerned about the purity or quality of your delta 8 pre-roll, you can always check a product’s third-party lab-test results! These test results demonstrate the cannabinoid quantity in your joint, as well as the quality. They test for harmful additives like heavy metals, pesticides, and more. Make sure to always check the quality of your products through their test results before consuming. This is the best way to ensure your pre roll delta 8 is safe, pure, and just as high-quality as you thought.

Is it worth it to purchase delta 8 pre-rolls?

Yes, it is worth it to purchase delta 8 pre-rolls! A delta 8 pre roll price tends to be quite affordable — here at CannaAid, we sell ours for under $10. These products won’t be too damaging to your wallet, and the incredible therapeutic and mildly psychoactive effects make them an excellent choice for a purchase. The prices of these joints are pretty average compared to delta 9 THC joints, but the experience tends to be even more enjoyable. At the end of the day, the choice is yours on whether or not you think delta 8 pre-rolls are worth it. But, if you ask us, we’d have to say yes!

Is it cheaper to buy delta 8 prerolls?

This depends. Some brands will sell their delta 8 prerolls for cheaper than your traditional delta 9 preroll, while others may charge more. Here at CannaAid, we sell our D8 pre-rolls for prices that directly compare to the market average. Thus, you’ll be paying about $10 for a one-gram joint. This tends to be the price that you’ll find in any dispensary for your typical cannabis joint.

Are delta 8 pre-rolls good?

Yes, delta 8 pre-rolls are great. They’re not only fantastic for helping you get a lovely therapeutic high, but they also taste excellent too. Some people are wary of hemp flower, as it doesn’t always taste as herbaceous and vibrant as marijuana. But, this simply isn’t the case with delta prerolls! These D8 infused joints have distinct, mouth-watering aromas and flavors that you’ll love puffing on. Delta 8 pre rolls are also great for helping you feel better quickly. The therapeutic effects of D8 are strong — more potent than D9’s — and you’ll experience them nearly immediately after smoking. If you need support quickly and efficiently, delta 8 pre-rolls are the perfect option.

Can you bring delta 8 pre rolls on a plane?

Technically, yes, you can bring delta 8 pre rolls on a plane, as well as any other delta 8 THC product. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t go through without any issues. TSA isn’t actively searching for delta 8, but if the product is illegal in your state and they find it in your bag, this may cause problems. This will be up to the airline’s discretion, but you may have to either throw away your pre-rolls, pay a fine, or you’ll be just fine and sent on your way after explaining what they are. At first glance, TSA will likely mistake your pre-rolls for marijuana, so make sure the products are appropriately labeled, and it’s best to have accurate lab-test results with them. Taking these precautions can help ensure smooth travel.

How do you smoke delta 8 prerolls?

Smoking a delta 8 pre roll blunt is easy. First, take the pre-roll and roll it through your fingers, slightly loosening up the ground bud inside. This will make it easier to smoke. Then, put the mouthpiece end up to your mouth (the end with the filter, not the paper) and hold. Light the other end of the pre-roll while you’re slowly inhaling. Once you’ve got the end evenly lit, you can stop burning. From here, you simply inhale on your pre-roll, pulling slowly to get full, even hits. As the end of your joint starts to burn, you can ash it by hitting it against something gently.

What will be the minimum age to purchase delta 8 pre rolls?

Most states require you to be 21 years of age to purchase delta 8 products; however, there is no current federal regulation on how old you have to be.