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Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill passed in the United States, there has been an influx of new hemp derivative cannabinoids emerging into the market. Delta-9 is probably the most well-known cannabinoid and is responsible for the “high” that marijuana has become synonymous with.

But as the market has expanded people have started to trend toward these new cannabinoids, due to their more widespread legality and less potent effects than delta-9 THC. Delta-8 gained a lot of popularity before some states moved to outlaw the sale and production, despite the federal legality offered by the Farm Bill.

The newest of these cannabinoid extracts is called HHC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, has traction towards becoming a mainstay in the cannabis market. There is still much we need to learn about the HHC cannabinoid but over time more information will be made available. The HHC cannabinoid has caught the attention of users and scientists alike.

Unlike delta 8 THC products, which several states around the US have chosen to outlaw, HHC products are fully legal for the moment. There have even been reports that HHC will not cause a positive result on a drug test, though this has yet to be verified.

You can buy HHC online at CannaAid, where their selection of HHC cannabinoid products is constantly growing. They offer HHC wholesale and are the best place to shop if you are looking to buy HHC.

What is the HHC Cannabinoid?

Although it is still new to the cannabis market, the HHC cannabinoid hexahydrocannabinol has actually been known since the 1950s.

It remained a relatively novel cannabinoid, derived from THC by the process of hydrogenation. That is the Farm Bill opened the floodgates for new cannabinoids to enter the market legally. Even still there is limited research available on the HHC cannabinoid, though that will certainly change as it grows in popularity.

THC and the HHC cannabinoid differ molecularly in pretty significant ways. The addition of extra hydrogen atoms alters the way the body's CB1 and CB2 receptors bind to the cannabinoid. These differences make HHC cannabinoid products you purchase to keep their potency for longer, while also showing more fortitude toward breakdown when exposed to heat or UV.

However, the HHC cannabinoid products you can purchase today differ from the HHC that was created in the 1950s. Hexahydrocannabinol was derived from THC, making it federally illegal in the United States. To work around this, brands derive their HHC from hemp instead.

The process is fairly complex and involves first extracting CBD from hemp. After extraction, the CBD is then distilled, isolated, and then turned into the HHC cannabinoid. It’s not something that can be done easily at home by any means and some skill is required to derive quality HHC.

Where the HHC cannabinoid gets its edge over other variants of THC like delta-8, is the surprising potency that users have reported. Delta-8 is considered to be a milder form of delta-9 THC, and CBD is nonpsychoactive. HHC touts a potency and range of effects much more similar to that of delta-9.

Top Benefits of the HHC Cannabinoid

There is still too much not known about the HHC cannabinoid to make any significant claims, but it is thought to share many of the same properties with CBD and Delta 9 THC.

The effects are comparable with both delta-8 and delta-9 but users should ramp up dosages slowly since they will likely be taken aback by how potent HHC is.

Over time more verified information will come to light, but for now, all we can do is wait.

Why CannaAid is the Best Place to Buy HHC Products

If you want to buy HHC online there is no better place to do it than CannaAid. They offer a growing line of HHC for sale that is safe and high quality.

These are two defining factors you should require when considering the purchase of any HHC cannabinoid for sale. At CannaAid you can skip the guesswork and rest easy knowing that your HHC cannabinoid product is of the highest quality.

You can buy bulk HHC from their website as well, so you stay stocked up on what you need. It’s especially important with new cannabinoid derivatives like HHC that you buy smart, as not every brand is known for quality or expertise. CannaAid only has hexahydrocannabinol for sale that has passed all quality standards for a safe and enjoyable user experience.

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How is HHC Made?
The HHC cannabinoid is created by a fairly complex method of extraction from the popular hemp derivative CBD. Originally HHC was created using THC and hydrogen. To work around the legality of THC in the United States, chemists have opted to derive the cannabinoid from hemp instead. This makes all HHC products on the market federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. The exact method is often kept secret and can vary by brand. This lack of a standard method for deriving HHC can lead to some inconsistent results, as no one brand follows the same blueprints. At the end of all methods, the extracted CBD is distilled and then made into HHC. HHC can only be safely made in a lab by trained professionals.
Is HHC Legal in the United States?
Because HHC is a naturally occurring element in hemp, it is considered federally legal under the umbrella of the Farm Bill. All hemp derivatives containing less than 0.3 percent THC are considered federally legal. You should still exercise caution when purchasing and using HHC, and be aware of the laws of your area regarding cannabis. Due to the limited information surrounding the HHC cannabinoid presently, it's important to stay informed on any new developments. It would not be surprising if HHC meets the same fate as delta-8, as it begins to draw more attention from local government agencies. Buy hexahydrocannabinol at your own risk and only after doing research on your state's laws.
Is HHC Stronger Than Delta 9 THC?
With little scientific evidence, there is little to support any claims of potency over delta-9. The potency of HHC depends heavily on the quality of the extraction, which can vary by a different brand. Users report that HHC products are stronger than delta-8, but don’t quite match up to the intensity of delta-9. Varying estimates average at around 80 percent as potent as delta-9 THC. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a more substantial experience than delta-8, but not quite ready to ramp up to delta-9.
Is HHC Detectable in a Drug Test?
Again, with limited evidence, the safe answer to this question is yes. Till verified data emerges you should play it safe and assume that HHC can be detectable on a standard drug test. There is speculation that HHC will metabolize differently than standard THC, or delta-8, which has also been known to produce a positive result. This difference in metabolic properties is thought to keep HHC from turning into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is the metabolite that drug screens test for. For the time being, it would be best not to risk it if you have a drug test coming up. This is due in part to the unknown nature of how HHC builds up in the body, or how long it takes the body to process.
Is HHC Synthetic?
This question cannot be easily answered, as each lab will have its own methods of creating the HHC from the extracted and isolated CBD. HHC does occur naturally in hemp, albeit in small amounts, so it cannot be claimed to be fully synthetic. Until a more standard method of creating HHC is set into place it is hard to claim one way or the other.
Can You Fly With HHC Products On A Plane?
As long as the places you are traveling to and from have no ban on HHC cannabinoid products you should be safe to travel with your HHC with no problems. When traveling, always keep your HHC products in their original packaging so they are easily identified. If you don’t you run the risk of getting into trouble at the airport where your legal HHC products could be mistaken for illegal cannabinoid products like delta-8 or delta-9. HHC products are purchasable online, meaning legally they can be sent through the mail via, plane, ship, or truck. Till those laws change, it is safe to assume that you can travel legally with any HHC products you choose.
How Do HHC and CBD Differ?
The most significant difference between HHC and CBD is the psychoactive effects that are prevalent when using HHC. HHC can be used to produce a significant “high”, while CBD lacks any psychoactive properties.
Does HHC Get You High?
HHC is quite potent and can produce a high very similar to that of delta-9 THC. It is thought to be around 80 percent as strong as delta-9. The high can be quite intense if you are not prepared. If it is your first time trying HHC start slow so you do not become overwhelmed.
How is HHC Derived?
Many brands are secretive about their methods of extracting and creating HHC cannabinoids. Some factors they all share in common are the extraction, distillation, and isolation of CBD from hemp. From there the process can vary but typically take place in a lab, where the final product is created and sent off for packaging. There has yet to be any real standard method in place for deriving HHC from hemp. Over time more concrete information will be introduced and we can see behind the veil and get a better understanding of how it all works.
How Old Do I Have to Be to Purchase HHC Products?
The minimum age to purchase HHC products varies by state, but generally, you must be 21 years of age or older to legally purchase these products. There are currently no federal laws regulating the minimum age, so it is up to the state to decide.