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THCO Gummies

Cannabis industry is constantly changing and growing. With this growth comes the emergence of new cannabinoids and compounds, helping to expand the plant’s versatility in ways we never knew how. Recently, chemists have begun perfecting the curation of THCO gummies — and their popularity is growing faster than ever.

What are THC-O Gummies?

THC-O gummies are gummy candies that have been infused with THCO extract. THC-O, or THCO acetate, is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that offers highly potent effects to consumers. This unique compound is about three times stronger than delta 9 THC, making it one of the most potent products in the cannabis world today. Thus, manufactures have begun extracting this compound and putting it into other products such as gummies, tinctures, and even flower.

THCO edibles look and taste just like your regular treat; however, they’re packed with this special compound. You'll have to wait about an hour for the effects to kick in; however, the results will be more than worth the wait. Just make sure you’re patient! You don’t want to accidentally consume a second dose of THC-O before your first dose kicks in.

You can find THC-O gummies in various flavors and strengths depending on your personal preferences. You may also come across other THC-O edibles such as chocolates, baked goods, or even drinkables. As the cannabinoid continues to gain popularity, more and more product options will become available, too.

Why Choose CannaAid Shop for THCO Gummies?

When you buy THC-O gummies, you want to purchase only the best of the best. And, here at CannaAid, that’s exactly what we have to offer. We offer some of the best THC-O edibles on the market. We use high-quality ingredients, premium extraction techniques, and follow the strictest quality-control standards to ensure that our THC-O gummies are a step above the rest.

Buying THC O gummies online can be tricky because you don’t always know what you’re purchasing. But, with CannaAid, you do. Our products’ third-party lab-test results are available 24/7, helping you see exactly what is inside every one of your gummies. This way, you can purchase with total confidence knowing that your gummies are pure, safe, and exactly as we describe them to be.

When you buy THC-O gummies for sale, you want nothing but the best. We here at CannaAid are proud of our wide selection of THC O gummies and other products. Whether you have questions about our extraction techniques or simply want to know more about our THC-O, you can always reach out.

THCO Gummies & Their Quality

THCO gummies are some of the tastiest cannabis products on the market. We craft these products using high-quality ingredients to create delicious, mouthwatering gummies that are also potent and long-lasting. By using these top-shelf ingredients, our consumers are better able to have a productive THCO experience without worrying about safety concerns. After all, when you buy THCO gummies online, you have to be extra cognizant about where you’re getting your products.

Here at CannaAid, we offer a delicious option of THCO gummies in our signature Strawberry Watermelon flavor.

THCO Strawberry Watermelon Gummies

Inside our premium THC-O gummies are 20 mg of THCO extract, and there are 10 gummies total. We craft our gummies using natural flavoring, giving them tastes reminiscent of your favorite summer combination: strawberry watermelon. In every bite, you’ll pick up on the juicy notes of each fruit, helping you better enjoy your THC-O edibles experience.

In total, there is 200 mg of top-shelf THCO acetate in each bag of our gummies. When you store these gummies in proper conditions, you can hang onto these infused sweet treats for quite some time!

If you're new to THC O edibles, we’d suggest starting with just one half of a candy and see how that affects you. If that dose isn’t strong enough, then you know you can handle a full gummy next time. This is just the best way to see firsthand the way that THCO edibles act in your body.

THCO Gummies FAQ

How do THC-O gummies work?

A THC-O gummy works in the body in similar ways to other cannabinoids like Delta 9 THC. When consumed, the cannabinoids within the gummy work alongside the cannabinoid receptors in the body to bring certain results like euphoria and comfort. However, the actual process of how the THCO acetate reacts in the body is still being looked into today.

How safe are THC-O gummies?

You have to make sure you purchase THC-O edibles from reputable, trustworthy brands like CannaAid. If you fail to do this, you simply don’t know what kind of chemicals you may be putting in your body. That is why checking a brand’s third-party lab-test results is so crucial.

From there, you also have to be careful about dosing. When you consume too much THCO, you may find yourself having uncomfortable reactions and unpleasant experiences. While this doesn’t necessarily translate to danger, it can make you feel as though you’re unsafe. Thus, starting with a very low dose of this highly potent cannabinoid is always best. Beginning with about 5 mg or so is a good place to start and give your body time to adjust.

When you take precautions to purchase from only reputable brands and you dose responsibly, THC O edible consumption is completely safe.

How long does it take for THC-O gummies to kick in?

The time it takes for your THC O gummies to kick in depends on several factors such as body chemistry and diet. If you’re someone who has a quick metabolism and digests food rapidly, there’s a good chance you will experience the effects of your THCO edible quicker than someone with a slow metabolism. Also, if you have just eaten a big meal, it will likely take longer for your gummy to break down and start to work than someone who consumes an edible on an empty stomach.

In general, most people find that edibles like THC O gummies take between an hour and two hours to start working. For some people, this may happen quicker. However, it is crucial to be patient and allow the cannabinoid ample time to work. When you’re inpatient and consume a second dose before your first kicks in, you may have too much and experience an uncomfortable result.

Can the THCO gummies help you sleep?

Yes, THCO gummies may help some people sleep. For some, the cannabinoid is helpful for providing calming, sedative effects that are helpful for before bed. These relaxing elements may help to reduce pain and stress, effectively improving your ability to sleep.

It is important to remember that some people find THCO to be quite stimulating. Thus, it’s best to look for gummies that have sleep-inducing ingredients or indica-dominant strains. This can help promote the sleepy effects that some people experience after consuming THC-O acetate gummies.

Can I mix THC-O gummies with other cannabinoids?

Yes, you can mix THC-O gummies with other cannabinoids if you so choose. Mixing THCO with non-psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBD is a good way to mediate the strength of the gummy, giving you a more balanced high. However, if you choose to mix THCO with delta 9 THC or even delta 8 THC, you should do so with caution. Only the most experienced consumers should do this, as it may create too overwhelming of a high for new THCO fans.

Are THC-O gummies legal to buy?

Yes, THC-O gummies are legal to buy! Under the 2018 Farm Bill, products that come from hemp and don’t contain more than 0.3% delta 9 THC are legal for sale and production in the United States. Our THCO gummies come exclusively from the hemp plant and never contain more than 0.3% delta 9 THC. Thus, they adhere to the 2018 Farm Bill and are legal for us to sell to states across the country.

Please be aware that some states in the US have stricter policies on THC than others. Thus, always double-check with cannabis laws in your area before placing an order. While we can ship to all 50 states, we cannot guarantee that your product will make it to your home if you live somewhere that strictly regulates THC.

How many THC-O gummies do I need to take?

This depends! New consumers should start by taking just ½ of a gummy to see how this affects them. If this dose isn’t strong enough, just one gummy should do the trick. Taking more than that is only recommended for the most experienced consumers who need incredibly strong results to feel better.

Are THC-O gummies synthetic?

Technically, THC-O gummies are semi-synthetic. While some people claim that THC O is present in small amounts naturally, there isn’t enough of a presence for professionals to simply extract the cannabinoid and call it good. Thus, they’ve turned to outside help.

Initially, chemists created THCO through a process called hydrogenation. This process means that chemists took THC molecules and combined them with hydrogen molecules to create a new compound. The result? THCO.

Today, in order to comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, professionals take hemp and extract CBD from it. Then, using acetate and tricky chemical reactions, extractors are able to create THC-O. Thus, the cannabinoid is considered to be semi-synthetic — it isn’t fully manufactured, but it isn’t 100% natural, either.

What makes THC-O gummies stronger than delta 8 THC?

What makes THC-O acetate gummies stronger than delta 8 is likely the acetate component itself. This amplifies the effects of the THC overall, and may have some impact over the way the cannabinoids work within the body. However, why THC-O is so potent is still being looked into today.

Can THC-O gummies make me fail a drug test?

Yes, a THC O edible of any type may make you fail a drug test. While the cannabinoid isn’t technically pure THC, it looks and acts enough like delta 9 THC for it to be triggered on a drug test. The test will not know the difference between THCO acetate and delta 9 THC, unfortunately.

If you’re consuming THCO regularly, this will cause you to fail your drug test even if you’re not consuming any delta 9. Thus, you have to be careful and avoid this compound if a drug test is in your future.

Can THC-O gummies be taken on a plane?

Technically, yes, you can take THC-O gummies on a plane. However, you should be prepared to be questioned by the TSA agents. Likely, the airport won’t be able to tell that these gummies aren’t marijuana filled, and they will probably take them to further analyze. If you plan on bringing your gummies on the plane, make sure you also bring all the documentation you have for the products. COAs will do wonders, as this will prove their lack of delta 9 THC and show that they adhere with federal law. It is also important to keep the gummies in their original packaging.

Unfortunately, it is up to the discretion of the TSA agent on whether or not they allow you to take your products. Some may give you back your gummies and send you on your way, while others may decide to take your gummies entirely.

Do you ship THC-O gummies to my state?

Yes! Here at CannaAid, we ship our products all throughout the United States. We ship out our products within 1-2 business days typically; however, this may change due to certain circumstances. In general, it tends to take about 2-4 additional days for the product to actually ship to your location within the US.

When buying THCO gummies, double-check with state laws to ensure that your area doesn't have restrictions on this cannabinoid or THC.