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CannaAid Custom Rechargeable Vape Battery


  • 13.5 MM Rechargeable battery
  • Micro-USB charging point
  • 510 Thread
  • 350 MAH battery capacity
  • 3.6 Voltage output






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13.5 MM Rechargeable, Battery(micro usb). 510 Thread. 350MAH Battery Capacity. 3.6 Voltage. Screws on easily to most traditional vape carts.

2 reviews for CannaAid Custom Rechargeable Vape Battery

  1. John Munson (verified owner)

    I know it’s just a battery, but this battery works very well it is the best one that I own. The charge last a very long time and it’s nice that it’s a fatter battery so I can set it up right easier. Highly recommend replacing your old battery with this battery!

  2. John Brown (verified owner)

    tldr: Buy this Battery. The guy above me is telling us the tr4uth.

    On & Off push the button five times, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    To change heat settings push button 3 times.
    Blue = Low heat
    Green = Medium heat (my favorite)
    Red = Fuego

    Exactly what I was looking for. Good feel in the hand, quality materials. Stealthy. Arrived charged. Good hitter. I bought 2 (gotta have a back up). I like it better than the Kind Pen and those little square batteries that make you look like you read romance novels. This pen, when loaded with a cart, looks more like you’re smoking a rocket ship. Ha. Thanks for reading.

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