THCV Blue Razz Gummies 10MG each (8ct)


  • Blue Razz Gummy Squares
  • 10mg of THCV per gummy
  • Total of 80mg of THCV per package
  • 100% Hemp Derived
  • Vegan
  • Pectin Gummies
  • Won’t Melt
  • Scannable QR Code to pull up the D8 Test Results







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Sweet and tangy THCV Blue Razz gummies.

THCV is similar to THC in molecular structure and psychoactive properties, but it provides a variety of pronounced and altogether different effects.

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Nutrition Facts: 

Pectin Gummies

All-natural Blue Razz Flavors

Serving Size: 2 Gummies

Calories: 15

Total Fat: 0g

Saturated Fat: 0g

Trans Fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 0g

Sodium Carbohydrates: 2g

Fiber: 0g

Sugar: 1 gram

Protein: 0g


Pectin, Sugar, Citric Acid, Water, Tapioca Syrup, Natural Flavoring, Natural Coloring, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

What are THCV Gummies?

THCV gummies are becoming more popular than ever for their subtle psychoactive effects. But, what exactly are these infused treats, and what is THCV?

THCV is a form of a THC that contains an extra molecule on the atom’s structure. The extra molecule creates a different cannabinoid than delta 9 THC, making it slightly less psychoactive than traditional THC. However, many consumers enjoy this lessened intoxication, as the cannabinoid has quickly been dubbed “weed lite.”

THCV gummies, then, are gummy candies that manufacturers have infused with THCV extract. You’ll find THCV gummies in various potencies, flavors, and even shapes depending on what kind of sweet treat you’re looking for.

With consumption, though, always keep in mind that THCV is slightly psychoactive, so you can expect to experience feelings of intoxication. Start low with your THC-V gummies’ dose and stay patient: the effects will likely take at least an hour to kick in.

Effects of THCV Gummies

The THCV cannabinoid is still quite new to the cannabis community, but we’re already seeing strong potential effects. Please remember that these effects are unique to every person, so what you find helpful from THCV gummies may not be what everyone finds effective.

Our Best THCV Gummies

Here at CannaAid, we’re proud to offer our high-quality THC-V gummies to all of our customers. These gummies come in a delicious Blue Razz flavor with 10 mg. of THCV in each; however, you won’t even notice the THCV over the mouth-watering blue raspberry flavors.

We utilize only the best ingredients possible — and top-shelf THCV extract — to craft our THCV gummy products. These sweet treats are 100% vegan, hemp-derived, and won’t melt while you’re waiting for your next dose. Instead, these gummies stay intact and perfectly chewable until it’s time for another infused candy.

Why CannaAid is Best to Buy THCV Gummies

Out of all of THCV gummy options on the market, CannaAid offers the best of the best. When you’re looking to buy THCV gummies, you should always check to see if a brand uses high-quality ingredients, offers access to their third-party lab-test results, and is transparent about their extraction and growth measures. Here at CannaAid, we exceed all of these expectations and more.

Regardless of what kind of THCV product you’re looking for, CannaAid can be your one-stop-shop. We’re always stocked full of our world-class THCV gummies, as well as THCV soft gels, vapes, tinctures, and more. Whether it’s your first time trying THCV or your hundredth, CannaAid is always the best place to buy THCv Energy gummies.


Start with one gummy and wait about an hour to feel full effects before eating another to gauge tolerance.


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Are THCV gummies legal?

THCV gummies are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill as long as the cannabinoid comes from hemp and the product doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC. However, some states have placed regulations on THCV, making it more difficult to obtain. Make sure to check your state’s regulations on THCv Energy gummies before making a purchase. This will help you guarantee you’re staying on the right side of the law.

Are THCV gummies good?

Yes, THCV gummies are good — especially the ones from CannaAid. When you buy THCV gummies from us, you’ll notice right away that they taste just like your regular candy. The flavors are just that good! You won’t realize your gummy was infused with THCV until about an hour later with the slight psychoactive effects begin to hit.

Do THCV gummies get you high?

Yes, THCV gummies do get you high. However, the high isn’t going to be nearly as strong as traditional delta-9 THC.

Are THCV gummies strong?

This depends! You can purchase mild, strong, or extra-strong doses of THCV gummies depending on what kind of experience you’re looking to have. A low dose of THCV isn’t going to be overpowering, as the cannabinoid is quite gentle overall. But, you can easily consume a higher dose and experience stronger effects if you’d prefer.

When consuming, make sure to pay close attention to dosing, as you don’t want to consume more than your body is comfortable with. Too strong of a THCV gummy may result in an uncomfortable experience, so start low and make your way up in strength slowly.

How long should it take for a THCV gummy edible to kick in?

THCV gummies can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in depending on your body chemistry, the strength of the gummies, and how much you consumed.

Make sure to wait until the effects of the gummy fully hit you before you decide to consume more. You will have to be patient regardless, and consuming too much can easily cause adverse side effects. If you don’t feel anything and it’s been a few hours, then try consuming a higher dose next time. Some people just need more THCV to get their desired effects.