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Is Delta-8 THC Legal in Jacksonville, FL

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Jacksonville, is situated in northeast Florida. It is the ideal vacation spot for families that want to take an affordable activity-filled adventure trip. With miles and miles of beaches, fishing activities, historic districts and bright and vibrant street art, we are not at all surprised that some travelers actually end up moving here. Jacksonville roughly has a population of 949.611 people, which makes it the 12th most populated city in the country. Jacksonville is also the most populated city in the Southeast. Come bask in the warm sun and enjoy your peaceful escape from all the stresses of the world. But do you know what can take your experience to the next level? You guessed it right. Delta 8 THC! Whether you are a resident of Jacksonville or a tourist looking to spend some enjoyable time, you can buy Delta 8 in Jacksonville today.

Is Delta 8 Legal in Florida?

Before we go further, you may not be aware if Delta 8 is legal in Florida? Well, it of course is! The passing of the Farm Bill 2018 was a gigantic win for the cannabis industry because hemp and cannabinoids derived from hemp became federally legal in the country. This also includes Delta 8 THC. The bill determines hemp as an agricultural commodity and removes it from the Controlled Substances Act. And at present, most of the 50 states of the country have implemented their own hemp legal framework, which gives legal protection to hemp retailers as well as growers. As of today, the cultivation of hemp and the sale of hemp-based products are legal in Florida. There are no concentration limits on Delta 8 THC or CBD, like the way Delta 9 that is derived from hemp has a 0.3% limit on a dry weight-basis under the federal law. According to the law, it is legal to ship hemp products across state borders as long as the concerned product sticks to the federal guidelines.

What is Delta 8 THC?

If you have heard of hemp, you are most likely to know of the cannabinoid 'CBD'. But, do you know of Delta 8 THC? The popularity of Delta 8 THC has only recently exploded, with a lot of people opting to try it. Delta 8 is a compound that naturally occurs in hemp and is found in a small quantity.

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What Types of Delta 8 Products are Available in Jacksonville?

If you are looking for Delta 8 products in Jacksonville, Florida, you can either buy in-person or online. They are even available to purchase at some gas station shops. There are various Delta 8 consumption methods such as flower, oils, Delta 8 Edibles, among others. You can opt for Delta 8 gummies or baked treats as well. Or you can buy Delta 8 Tinctures as well. If you are into smoking, you can try the Delta 8 disposable vapes. Delta 8 Vape Cartridges are also available in case you wish to refill your vape. And of course, the Delta 8 Pre Rolls are available as well. If you want to experience Delta 8 in the most potent form, then you can try the Delta 8 distillate flower. Consuming this requires the right tools, but don't worry, brands such as CannaAid Shop also has Delta 8 distillate syringe for the same.If you are not someone who is into smoking, but would still like to consume Delta 8 on the go, then the Delta 8 capsules are the perfect option for you. In the capsule category, you can also try the Delta 8 Softgels.

Shipping Delta 8 to Jacksonville

Trying Delta 8 products for the first time can feel a bit overwhelming. CannaAid Shop makes purchasing hemp simple. Just select the product, fill your payment details and give us a few days to ship your order right at your doorstep.  Our company offers high-quality products and services. Be rest assured that when you place an order with us, you only get the most premium products from the market. Browse through our website and to find your perfect Delta 8 product match. 

Perks of Using Delta 8 Tinctures

While we told you about the wide variety of Delta 8 products available, we think it is important to emphasize just how convenient the Delta 8 Tinctures are. They also have a longer shelf life. Tinctures come in glass bottles with a liquid dropper cap. You can either consume it sublingually or you can even place a few drops in your food or drinks.

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