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One of the many cannabinoids found in hemp plants is cannabidiol, also referred to as CBD. Despite the fact that CBD is different from THC in that it does not make users feel "high," it still has a number of benefits for users. All 50 states allow the sale of CBD oil if the THC content is less than 0.3 percent by dry weight.


Users can enjoy the advantages of CBD or test it out for the first time with CBD gummies. You would benefit from stocking a range of goods in your store because customers may need to test out various items and dosages before settling on the right one. CBD gummies are a favorite among consumers and should definitely be a staple of your store.

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On average our wholesale products sell for 50% less than retail prices. Click below and sign up to become a wholesale buyer today!

Why is CannaAid the place to buy CBD Gummies Wholesale?

CannaAid is regarded as one of the best places to buy CBD gummies and bulk CBD gummies in large quantities because we offer high-quality products at competitive prices. We also offer excellent customer service and quick shipping, so you can rest easy knowing your items will arrive on time and in good condition. To ensure that every product meets the strictest standards, CannaAid tests each one in a lab run by a third party. The COAs (Certificates of Analysis) for each product are available for viewing on our website. We take great pleasure in the caliber of our offerings and strive hard to ensure that every single one of our clients has a positive shopping experience.

Our Best CBD Gummies Wholesale Products

We have a variety of products ranging in a number of flavors and potencies, ensuring that there is something for every body. 

Below, we explain a little about the bulk CBD Gummies products we have available for purchase.

CannaAid CBD Berry Sweet Gummies 20 mg

CBD Gummies 20ct

The CBD gummies 20ct here at CannaAid are an excellent addition to your shelves. We use high-quality CBD and other ingredients. These gummies are easy to carry and come in three unique flavors Maui Munchies, Berry Sweet, and Fruit Blast. Our CBD gummies will come in two strength options of 10 mg or 50 mg per gummy. We make our CBD gummies with pectin, which makes them 100% vegan-friendly. We at CannaAid have done the leg work to ensure that our gummies are as good as possible, which is why you should buy CBD gummies in bulk to save time and money.

CannaaidShop Delta 9 + CBD Gummies Tropical Mix 600 mg view 3

Delta 9 + CBD Gummies 40mg

The Delta 9 + CBD​​ gummies are also wonderful additions to your shop. Each gummy in our line of Delta 9 + CBD gummies contains 10 mg of Delta 9 THC and 10 mg of CBD. The flavor provided for this gummy is a tropical mix with a blend of guava, mango, kiwi, and pineapple. You can purchase these gummies in a 4-count or a 30-count. The gummies are 100% hemp-derived and 100% vegan-friendly because they are made from pectin.

CannaAid Delta 8 + CBN Nighttime Gummies 4ct

Delta 9 + CBD + CBN Night Time Gummies

The Delta 9 + CBD + CBN Night Time gummies are also lovely additions to the shelves in your store or your pantry. Our Delta 9 + CBD + CBN gummies contain 10 mg of Delta 9 THC, 10 mg of CBD, and 10 mg of CBN per gummy. The flavor provided for this gummy is a berry mix with a blend of strawberry, blueberry, and blue razz. You can purchase these gummies in a 4-count or a 30-count. The gummies are 100% hemp-derived and 100% vegan-friendly because they are made from pectin. This is a great product to add to your shelves for customers looking for a little nighttime relief.

How to Become a

CBD Gummies Wholesaler

Please get in touch with us at CannaAid to find out more about our wholesale program and to submit an application to sell CannaAid CBD gummies wholesale. Additionally, you might need to fulfill certain minimum order criteria and present identification confirming ownership of your organization, like a business license or tax ID number, in order to be accepted. In order to finish the application procedure, you might additionally need to present documentation of your financial soundness and a valid credit card. Please feel free to call us or send us an email if you have any questions.

We will get in touch with you regarding the wholesale order for bulk CBD gummies once you have completed the wholesale form and satisfied all of our requirements. You can send an email to [email protected] or call us at 704-275-8715, and a staff member will handle all of your requirements and assist you in setting up the pricing and shipping details.

Here are a few things to think about if you want to start selling CBD gummies wholesale.

Research the Market

Your first step in your journey to becoming a CBD gummies vendor is doing your research on the market you'll be entering. In-depth market study is required to fully understand the history, present situation, and growth prospects of the hemp industry. Many Americans are willing to try out the potential advantages of cannabidiol.

Products containing CBD are now allowed in almost all states as a result of the Farm Bill's legalization of hemp in 2018 after it passed. More people might be interested in trying these products since the market for CBD products has expanded significantly over the past few years. Before placing a large order, ascertain whether there is a market for CBD gummies. Learn more about the production, growth rate, sales, and gross margin of the cannabis market in 2021.

Plan Your Business

A thorough business plan must be created after market research. Future entrepreneurs must decide between paying the initial costs out of their own pockets and looking for financial assistance from investors. You'll need to determine your startup capital, so consider both the initial and ongoing business expenses.

Some people want to have a physical store, while others want to sell CBD gummies online. Of course, brick-and-mortar stores are more expensive to run since they have higher, continuous expenses like paying rent and hiring sales staff. Running an online store is more expensive than most retailers realize, though.

Such a business's starting cost is estimated to be at least $5,000. When calculating the initial payment, don't forget to account for ongoing expenses. In order to minimize disappointment, prospective CBD gummy vendors must evaluate these values realistically. Buying CBD gummies in quantity can enable you to save money and turn a profit.

Select A Reputable Wholesale Brand

You are strongly advised to collaborate with a licensed CBD gummy wholesale brand for your business plan to produce the required results. Online retailers like CannaAid's CBD gummies, which offer a huge selection of premium goods, are among the options for purchasing CBD gummies in bulk. You must choose a supplier that offers reasonable costs and constant access to its items.

Consideration must be given to the wholesale brand's continuing presence on the market, which confirms its dependability. It is not a good idea to choose a new wholesale brand because they might vanish just as quickly as they appeared. Keep in mind that your clients won't appreciate the process of adjusting to new products.

Take A Look At The Sales Channels

Choosing your wholesale brand is the first step in selecting your sales channels. It is only through Delta 10 carts' best-selling strategies that you can reach a wide audience. It is important that retailers who have Delta 10 cartridges sell them online and in physical stores.

To stay on top of Delta 10's online presence, retailers need a strong marketing plan. In the CBD industry, PPC and social media campaigns are the most effective digital marketing tactics. You can try PPC on other paid networks that cater to the CBD industry. When you plan to offer gummies online, invest in a search engine optimization strategy. User-friendly, mobile-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing design are essential for the website.

Consider The Location

This must be taken into account when choosing the location of your actual business. Retailers are asked to consider both the benefits and drawbacks of each method. Although e-businesses have a large customer base and low startup costs, they lack the individualized service that traditional retailers offer.

Brick-and-mortar shops cost more to open at first, but they allow businesses to build direct customer relationships. Take advantage of constructing a physical store if your budget allows. Remember that you can always list your CBD gummies for sale online. This website contains some useful suggestions for those looking to create a store.

Become a Wholesaler Today!

CBD Gummies Wholesale - Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re wanting to know more about how to become a wholesaler, the do’s and dont’s of the process and why it’s beneficial, please read on below to learn more.

Frequently, your wholesale products, like CBD gummies, will be shipped the next business day after your payment clears the bank. Once you have submitted the required information in our online wholesale form at [email protected], we will get in touch with you. Once everything is confirmed, we’ll deliver your items to the appropriate location so you can quickly restock your shelves.

Google “CBD” search volume has more than quadrupled since 2017. There is no doubt that consumers are yearning for CBD products like CBD gummies. How can you join in on the fun? Purchasing wholesale CBD gummies for an offline or online store is one of the simplest methods to start a successful CBD business. You can decide which products you want to provide to CBD consumers when you work at a CBD gummy shop. By offering distinctive and high-quality CBD goods that resonate with your target market, you can give clients a distinctive shopping experience. Additionally, you don’t have to bother about preparing the product for the consumer once you’ve chosen the items you want to offer. Retailers may buy wholesale CBD gummies from a reliable supplier, like us, and save the time and money needed to harvest, produce, and prepare CBD products. 

CannaAid is one of the best places to find CBD gummies at low wholesale prices. We at CannaAid not only provide the best CBD gummies, but we also have a variety of hemp-derived cannabinoid products as well. Our products must adhere to the highest standards because we hold ourselves to such high standards. The prices at CannaAid are very competitive when you buy CBD gummies wholesale. If you have any inquiries about the cost of wholesale CBD gummies, please get in touch with us by phone or email.

Currently, CannaAid has a special deal for those who are interested in buying wholesale CBD gummies by purchasing CBD gummies in bulk or wholesale. You will be purchasing the CBD gummies at 50% below the retail price. This is a significant saving and leaves you room to make a profit. Save your time and money by purchasing vegan CBD gummies wholesale.

To ensure the proper dose and product dispersion, CannaAid exclusively uses the finest CBD-rich hemp extracts in our gummy sweets. We provide gluten-free wholesale, bulk, and private-label CBD candies at CannaAid in traditional squares. 

The legal maximum for industrial hemp products is .3% THC, which is less than what our full-spectrum CBD gummies have. However, for our customers who don’t want THC in their products, we also provide THC-free formula options, including broad-spectrum THC-free distillate or isolate.

People pick CannaAid because we appreciate developing close bonds with both our clients and other players in the hemp business. We guarantee the highest quality for each and every one of our products. From seed to shelf, we ensure every step of the process lives up to our incredibly high standards. Each batch of our bulk CBD gummies is carefully inspected as part of a thorough purification process. We send all of our gummies for independent lab checks as an additional measure of assurance in order to maintain complete openness.

We pledge to provide our customers with a tremendous range of customizable options in addition to our commitment to quality. Unlike other hemp suppliers, we have a wide selection of gummies in various cannabinoids, flavors, and potencies.

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