Delta 8 THC in Montana: Is It Legal?

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Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Montana?

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There are hemp products containing CBD, Delta-9 THC, and other cannabinoids available in Montana, but not Delta-9. A cannabinoid called Delta-8 THC, which is contained in hemp plants, has gained widespread recognition because of its promising medical and recreational applications. While Delta 8 THC may share certain characteristics with the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, Delta 9 THC, it has entirely different effects and is typically less potent.

Is Delta 8 THC legal in Montana, though?

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No, Delta 8 THC Is Not Legal In Montana

As of this writing, Montana state law makes Delta 8 THC illegal.

The Future of Cannabis in Montana

We urge you to express your views to your local and state officials if you wish to see the existing legislation changed. We'll have to wait and see how events play out over the next few years, as Montana, unlike other northern states, does not follow rules like those for Delta 8 THC in Washington.

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Delta 8 THC is illegal in Montana, but we still have a huge selection of CBD and premium gummies that are highly popular. We are able to deliver any of our products, including the well-liked CBD gummies and CBD products, to your front door in a secure and discreet manner.


50-32-101. Definitions.

(18) ”Marijuana (marihuana)” means all plant material from the genus Cannabis containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or seeds of the genus capable of germination.

(Full Bill)


50-32-222. Specific dangerous drugs included in Schedule I.

(4) Hallucinogenic substances. (ff) tetrahydrocannabinols, including synthetic equivalents of the substances contained in the plant or in the resinous extractives of cannabis, or synthetic substances, derivatives, and their isomers with similar chemical structure and pharmacological activity, such as those listed in subsections (4)(ff)(i) through (4)(ff)(iii). Because nomenclature of these substances is not internationally standardized, compounds of these structures, regardless of numerical designation of atomic positions covered, are included in the category as follows:

(i) delta 1 (delta 9) cis or trans tetrahydrocannabinol and its optical isomers;

(ii) delta 6 cis or trans tetrahydrocannabinol and its optical isomers; and

(iii) delta 3,4 cis or trans tetrahydrocannabinol and its optical isomers;

(Full Bill)

Is Delta 9 THC Legal in Montana?

As a result of the 2018 Farm Bill, most states have separated hemp from marijuana in their local laws.

Moreover, according to the legal definition of this plant, hemp may contain up to 0.3% by weight of Delta 9.

The product will be deemed marijuana if the concentration exceeds this threshold.

Marijuana is classified as a controlled substance by the federal government in Montana.

You can thus travel with your Delta 9 products as long as you buy lab-tested hemp products from licensed producers.

But where can I find Delta-9 the easiest?

How to Buy Delta 9 in Montana

Delta 9, made from hemp, can be purchased just like any other product.

In populated areas, smoke shops and hemp stores are readily available.

You may get a range of hemp items at these places.

It may take some time before you receive any hemp products, though, if you're in the country and don't have the time to travel to town.

Don't wait until your next visit to the city.

Instead, take the device that is closest to you and place your order online right now!

How to Purchase Delta 9 Online With CannaAid

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Do you enjoy the sensation of discovering packages on your porch?

If yes, picture finding your favorite hemp items in that bundle.

You'll think it's Christmas morning all over again, we promise. And you receive your purchases quickly when you shop with Hometown Hero.

The best hemp goods on the market are available in our online store. They are high-quality, delectable, and efficient.

 Delta 9 Baked Products are just what you've been missing if you're in the market for a product with a unique flavor of hemp-derived Delta 9.

When cut into pieces, they can be eaten with a side of milk. You'll have an unforgettable evening.

But we provide more delectable delicacies than just baked goods. We provide a wide variety of Delta 9 edibles, each with a unique cannabis profile. Because, let's face it, experienced fanatics enjoy changing things up.

Visit our online store now to see which weekly deal is currently running.

Contact our fantastic customer care team if you have any queries or issues.

They will be available to help you with anything you need.

Some of the Delta 9 edibles and CBD products we sell the most are:

Can You Cross the Montana Border with Delta 8?

In Montana, Delta 8 is prohibited and treated in the same way as marijuana.

Hence, if you purchased Delta 8 in another state and drove it into Montana, you would be breaking Montana law and would be held accountable.

By only investing in things that are legal and compliant with the rules in your area, you can completely avoid this.


The rules also adapt to the daily developments in our planet. Delta 8 is currently illegal, but that doesn't guarantee it will always be. Use Delta 9 in its place for the time being and see whether it works for you. If it does, shop with us to get premium goods that are allowed in Montana. 

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