Everything You Need to Know About THC-O

If it seems as if new cannabinoids are popping up on the regular, well, that’s because they really are. Today we will be discussing one of the newest, most exciting cannabinoids to hit the market: THC-O. Short for THC-O-acetate, THC-O has seemed to emerge from the shadows and taken the hemp industry by storm. In order to help you understand exactly what THC-O does, we are going to break down exactly what THC-O is, talk about how it’s made and explain its powerful effects. 

So, let’s get into it. 

What Is THC-O?

THC-O has quickly emerged as one of the most powerful cannabinoids for both recreational and medicinal use. Similar to THC, CBD, CBG and CBN, THC-O is a cannabinoid, a chemical compound that affects the cannabinoid receptors in your brain. However, unlike THC and CBD, THC-O is not a naturally occurring cannabinoid. Instead, it takes some chemistry to create THC-O in a lab. Similar to THC, THC-O is psychoactive and actually THREE times as psychoactive as delta-9. That means it’s actually 300% stronger than regular THC! Therefore, THC-O is providing users with some powerful effects.


So, let’s break down exactly how THC-O is made. 

How THC-O Is Made

Processing THC-O essentially strips away all other chemical compounds (including terpenes and flavonoids) and leaves behind a potent THC isolate with no flavor or aroma. Producing THC-O involves a unique process that can become quite complicated.  THC-O comes in the form of a thick oil with a light tint that is ethanol-soluble. Since THC-O is both flavorless and odorless, this oil can be used as a base active ingredient to formulate products such as vape oils and edibles (www.binoidcbd.com). 

“In its natural state (or unnatural state, to be more precise), THC-O is just a heavy brown liquid more akin to motor oil than anything else. And when all is said and done, THC-O is what’s known in chemistry circles as an ‘analog’. An analog is a compound having a structure similar to that of another compound, but differing from it in respect to a certain component. In this case, the original compound is THC. That makes THC-O a THC analog” (honestmarijuana.com). 

The actually process that produces THC-O occurs when THCA (THC-acetate) is heated to become Delta 9 THC. Then, by adding sulfuric acid and acetic anhydride to the Delta 9 THC compound, a qualified chemist can produce THC-O-Acetate.

It’s important to emphasize that because THC-O is not naturally produced, the process to make THC-O in the lab can be quite dangerous. Therefore, only experienced chemists and formulators should be producing THC-O. 

THC-O Effects

The effects of THC-O are comparable to other forms of THC, meaning that they’re STRONG. Similar to THC compounds, THC-O produces a similar high feeling, characterized by subtle alterations in sensory information such as sight, taste, sound, and touch. According to dailycbd.com, “THC-O is considered a ‘heavier’ and more psychedelic version of THC compared to most. It produces a very heavy stone that can incapacitate the user for up to a few hours. The headspace can make you zone out, and the visual experience is much stronger than virtually any other form of THC” (dailycbd.com). Compared to Delta 8 THC which also has some heavy effects, THC-O has a similar heavy effect but is FIVE times more potent than Delta 8 THC, if not more. Because TCH-O is fairly new, there are very few formal reports on this powerful cannabinoid. However, anecdotal reports suggest that THC-O has very similar benefits as other forms of THC such as pain relief, sleep support, anxiety relief, appetite stimulation and more – just stronger.

Because THC-O is so strong, we always recommend consulting a physician before you decide to try this new product. Again, the side effects of THC-O are still being studied and evaluated, so we suggest starting with a low dose and seeing how it affects you. CannaAid is proud to provide its customers with the newest, safest and most effective cannabinoids on the market, which is why we’re so excited to be releasing THC-O shortly. To shop our products, click here, and be sure to stay up to date by following us on social media @cannaaidshop. 

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