Delta 9 THC in Arkansas : Is it Legal?

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Arkansas, also known as the “Bear State'' or the “Toothpick State," is one of the most conservative states in the country. Therefore, you might be wondering whether Delta 9 is permitted in Arkansas. And if you can get Delta 9 in Arkansas, where can you buy it? These are great questions for people who live in Arkansas and for people who are visiting.

Let’s take a closer look at these questions.

Is Delta 9 THC Legal in Arkansas?

Yes, products containing delta-9-THC are federally legal in the US if they match the requirements listed in the 2018 Farm Bill.

  • Hemp is used to make Delta 9 THC instead of marijuana.
  • Delta 9 THC content is less than 0.3% by dry weight.

Arkansas followed up on the federal legalization of hemp for industrial use with a comparable state law allowing the sale of goods containing delta 9 THC. The Arkansas House Bill 1372, which legalized industrial hemp in consumer products and its extensive growing and manufacturing, was approved into law in 2019. It granted authority for the Arkansas Department of Agriculture to manage a national hemp initiative.

Just be aware that Delta-9 legalities vary from state to state, and the politics surrounding marijuana are constantly changing. Keep yourself up to date with the latest laws in the state in which you live, and if you want change, speak to your representatives.

What is Delta-9 THC?

There is no doubt that you have heard of Delta-9 THC, but did you know it can originate from two different sources? You are not alone if you don't. Contrary to popular belief, delta-9 THC is present in both cannabis and hemp.

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In cannabis plants, tetrahydrocannabinol, or delta-9-THC, occurs naturally as a cannabinoid.

The three cannabinoids in hemp that are most frequently identified are CBD, Delta-9 THC, and Delta-8 THC. Each of these chemicals interacts differently within cells and has unique physiological consequences.

Only edible forms of the hemp-derived delta-9 are available, allowing for more covert use and perhaps longer-lasting effects. As a result of regulations governing the dry weight concentration of Delta-9 in hemp products, other forms of Delta-9 cannot be produced.



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