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Blunts vs. Joints: What’s the Difference?

Blunts vs Joints: What is the Difference

When trying cannabis products, a lot of people are unaware of the differences between blunts vs. joints. While these smokables have some similar properties, blunts and joints are two completely unique products that offer novel experiences. 

When it comes to joints vs. blunts, what’s the difference? Let’s break it down. 

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Anatomy of a Joint 

Before we compare blunts vs. joints, let’s first discuss the anatomy of a cannabis joint to help you better understand what they’re like. 

A joint typically contains the following: 

  • Rolling Paper: This is what the joint is made out of Rolling paper is usually made from thin, lightweight paper that’s safe for smoking.
  • Cannabis Flower: You’ll find various types of cannabis flower stuffed within the rolling paper of the joint. 
  • Filter/Crutch: At the tip of your joint, you may find a filter (also known as a crutch). It’s usually made from cardboard or specialized filter material. However, not all joints have these. 
  • Twisted or Sealed End: The opposite end of your joint is either going to be twisted to a point or stuffed inward to prevent flower from falling out.  

And that’s about it! Joints are simple and straightforward, not consisting of any confusing parts or pieces. There are many advantages to these types of products.

What is a Blunt? 

We cannot talk about joints and blunts without defining what blunts are. A blunt is a type of smokable cannabis product full of flower that’s wrapped in a material such as hemp leaves or tobacco leaves. Some people will take a tobacco leaf and empty it of its tobacco, then fill it with ground cannabis to make their blunt.

However, you can easily find non-tobacco blunt wraps, including flavored ones, that make your smoking experience all the more enjoyable. 

Blunts tend to be quite hefty, holding large amounts of cannabis. You can pack several grams of ground cannabis into a blunt at once, making it great for group sessions.  

Types of Blunts 

You can find various types of blunts on the market today. Here are some you may come across:

  • Tobacco Leaf Blunt: A traditional blunt is made with tobacco leaf, typically sourced from a cigar or cigarillo. However, the blunt is emptied of its original plant and filled with ground cannabis, instead.
  • Hemp Blunt: As an alternative to traditional tobacco leaf wraps, hemp plants use a wrap made from hemp-derived material. Hemp wraps provide a milder flavor profile compared to tobacco wraps, and they’re popular among those who prefer a tobacco-free option. 
  • Flavored Blunt: Flavored blunts are flavored to enhance the smoking experience. They are available in a wide variety of fruity or sweet flavors.
  • Pre-Rolled Blunts: Pre-rolled blunts, as the name suggests, are already-made blunts that you can find at dispensaries, smoke shops, or online. They’re filled with ground cannabis and sealed, ready to be smoked. 

You may find other types of cannabis blunts, too! The industry is full of unique products, and blunt types are widespread and popular. 

What is a Joint? 

Cannabis joints are another popular way to smoke cannabis. Cannabis joints are another popular way to smoke cannabis. These products consist of dried cannabis flower rolled into a thin, cylindrical shape using rolling papers. They’re typically hand-rolled by individuals, or you can buy them pre-rolled in packs from a dispensary or online. 

When the joint is rolled, all you have to do is light one end and inhale – then you can start smoking!

You can find joints full of all different kinds of cannabis flower. There are CBD joints, delta-8, delta-9, CBG, CBN, HHC joints, and so many more. There are also infused joints or joints coated in kief to enhance the overall experience. 

Types of Weed Joints 

As there are so many types of weed joints on the market, it’s important to understand their differences. 

Here are some of the main types of weed joints you may come across: 

  • Classic Joint: The most common type of joint, this one is made with ground cannabis flower, sealed, and twisted at the end. 
  • Spliff: A spliff is a type of joint that’s filled with both cannabis flower and tobacco rolled together. The ratio is, however, a matter of personal preference.
  • Twax or Infused Joint: A twax or infused joint is a type of joint that’s coated or filled with cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter, or oil. A layer of kief may also be applied to them.
  • Flavored Joint: Some rolling papers come in various flavors, depending on the brand you buy. They add a fun flavor to your smoking experience. 

As we mentioned, the type of flower within joints will also vary significantly. So, make sure you’re clear on what kind of cannabis flower is inside your joint before making a purchase. 


Like all cannabis products, there are pros and cons to both joints and blunts. To help you better understand what you can best expect from a blunt—both the good and bad—we’ve broken down the pros and cons below.  


Many people will find various pros to cannabis blunts. Here are some of the most popular advantages: 

  • Longer-Lasting: When it comes to blunts vs. joints, blunts tend to be larger than regular joints, which means they can hold more cannabis. This can result in a longer-lasting smoking session, allowing consumers to enjoy the effects for a longer period of time. 
  • Increased Potency: Sometimes, the tobacco wrap within a blunt can increase the potency of the cannabis because of the interaction between cannabis and nicotine. Blunts can also be filled with other cannabinoids or concentrated to increase potency. 
  • Flavor and Aroma: Certain blunt wraps can be made with unique flavors to make a more fun, enjoyable smoke.  


Of course, there are some cons to blunts as well. Some cons may include: 

  • Health Risks: When blunts are made with tobacco leaves, they pose similar health risks to smoking tobacco, which include lung damage and respiratory complications. Smoking, in general, is not good for your lungs, regardless of the blunt wrap type. 
  • Harsh Smoke: Products like blunts can often produce a harsh smoke compared to smoking cannabis out of a bong or pipe.
  • Produces Excess Smoke and Smell: Blunts are very smelly and very smoky. They are not discreet products at all and can usually only be enjoyed outdoors, away from others. 


Speaking of joints vs. blunts, it’s important to also discuss the pros and cons of cannabis joints. Let’s start with the pros. 


Below are some of the most popular pros and cons of joints: 

  • Pure Cannabis Experience: Joints are able to provide smokers with a pure, unadulterated cannabis experience. You’re able to more easily enjoy the flavors, aromas, and effects of the flower you’re smoking. 
  • Convenient: Joints are easy to roll and even easier to transport. You can prepare them in advance or even buy them already rolled. Those who are always on the go will appreciate this. 
  • Social Aspect: People love turning to joints for group sessions. They are great for facilitating a family-like experience and contributing to a sense of community among cannabis consumers. 


However, there are some cons to consuming joints, too. These are some potential cons:

  • Smoking Harmful Substances: Like any type of smoking, joints produce combustion by products like tar and other substances. Inhaling smoke can irritate the lungs and respiratory system, potentially leading to lung-related complications.  
  • Scent and Discretion: Joints have a very distinct smell, and they produce a lot of smoke. This makes joints very noticeable, which is not great for anyone needing to be discreet. 
  • Shorter Duration: Compared to blunts, joints tend to burn faster because of their size. They also won’t have effects that last as long as products like edibles. 

Joints vs. Blunts: What is the Difference? 

Joints and blunts differ clearly when it comes to their characteristics.

The biggest difference between joints vs. blunts is the type of wrapping material used. Joints are rolled with thin rolling papers made of materials like rice, hemp, or cellulose. Conversely, blunts are rolled with leaves such as tobacco or hemp.

In addition, blunts and joints have very different sizes and shapes. Blunts are usually larger and thicker than joints, while joints are small and slender. You can pack much more cannabis into your typical blunt than you can into a joint. 

You may also notice a big difference between the flavors and aromas of blunts vs. joints. Because blunts can be made with tobacco wrap, they may have a distinct flavor that blends cannabis with the tobacco leaf. Joints, in comparison, primarily showcase the flavor and aroma profile of the cannabis strain inside. 

Papers vs. Blunt Wraps

Since wrapping/rolling material is one of the biggest differences between joints and blunts, it’s important to understand how papers and blunt wraps compare. 


Rolling papers come in various sizes, ranging from small to king-sized. However, they tend to be very slender and don’t hold as much cannabis flower as blunts do.

Blunt wraps are larger than rolling papers and are designed to hold a larger amount of flower. 


Rolling papers usually have a neutral flavor, allowing the natural taste and aroma of the cannabis flower to come through. (Though, you can find flavored rolling papers.) Blunt wraps, on the other hand, can be made from tobacco leaves, which add a unique flavor to the smoke. 

Burn Time

Rolling papers generally burn at a moderate pace, allowing for a smooth smoking experience. Blunt wraps tend to burn more slowly than rolling papers due to the thickness of the tobacco leaf wrap, leading to a longer-lasting smoke session.  


Blunt wraps have a thicker, more opaque appearance due to the tobacco or hemp leaf wrap. They can have a more rustic, robust look.

Rolling papers, however, have a thin and translucent appearance. You can sometimes even see the cannabis flower within the paper!  


Finally, rolling papers are typically more affordable compared to blunt wraps, though the cost does vary based on the brand, size, and quantity. 

Which One is Best? 

When comparing blunts vs. joints, it’s important to know that one is not better than the other: they’re simply different products! 

Joints may be best for consumers who are looking for a more gentle, pure smoking experience, while blunts offer long-lasting smoke sessions that are perfect for when the group’s all together. 

It is best to consider your preferences if you are not sure which is best for you. And, you can always try both a blunt and a joint to see which your mind and body prefer. 

Where to Find Premium Quality Blunts and Joints  

If you’re looking to find premium blunts and joints online, CannaAid is the place to shop. Our online store is full of top-shelf blunts and joints made with cannabis flowers of all types, depending on what appeals most to you. 

When you place an order, we’ll ship your top-shelf blunt or joint right to your door in a matter of just a few business days. This way, you hardly have to wait to discover the difference between blunt and joint cannabis products.


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