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Does THCa Get You High

Does THCa Get You High

Nowadays, it seems that cannabis is everywhere. With continued legalization and public acceptance, growers, breeders, and manufacturers work diligently to continue to provide innovative cannabis products and cannabinoids. Speaking of innovation, one cannabinoid that seems to be taking the spotlight is THCA.

Although it sounds similar to THC, this chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant offers a number of effects. The catch-22? It’s non-psychoactive.

While we are still in the infancy stages of learning about all that cannabis has to offer, many have been touting the benefits of THCA and all it has to offer. So, does THCA get you high?

Let’s discuss things further below.  

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Key Takeaways

  • THCA is a non-psychoactive compound that is a precursor of THC. 
  • Because of its closeness to THC, THCA is often confused as also providing psychoactive effects and working similarly in the body.
  • THCA may be consumed via decarboxylation at the heat of 230-250 degrees. 
  • THCA is legal on a federal level under the Farm Bill that was signed into law in 2018 by former President Donald Trump.

Does THCa Get You High?

The short answer is no; THCA will not get you high, The cannabinoid is sought after for its non-psychoactive effects compared to other cannabinoids such as Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC, etc.

THCA is considered non-psychoactive. The reason behind this? Well, it mostly has to do with its molecular structure. Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that’s filled with tons of cannabinoid receptors (CB receptors). The molecular structure of THCA does not allow the cannabinoid to bind to these CB receptors in the brain like THC. Scientifically speaking, because of this, THCA can’t work in the body to get you high. So, if you have an edible infused with THCA, for example, you can consume the cannabinoid and have a unique experience without psychoactivity, unlike THC.

Further, THCA appears to interact with our ECS, but it doesn’t bind the CB receptors found in this biological network of cells—the ones present in the central nervous system and brain. This means that consuming THCA will not act similarly to THC in the body, thus creating a non-intoxicating result. 

We should say that while every living vertebra has an ECS, everyone’s body is different, and this includes their ECS. THCA is therefore a personal experience, and everyone’s reaction will be different. While one person may experience distinct results, another person may find the cannabinoid more subtle; ultimately, it depends on the person. 

Despite all of that, as research continues, we know we will learn more about the ECS and how cannabinoids like THCA work in the body.

What Does A High THCa Percentage In Hemp Mean?

The percentage in a THCA product denotes how much dry weight of THC cannabis is present in the product. The amount of THCA contained in different products varies. How do you define a high THCA percentage? Well, when it comes to THCA flower, typically potent strains bred to be THCA dominant will feature a THC percentage of 15% or higher. It’s these percentages that are considered high—before decarboxylation, that is.

How Do You Decarb THCA? 

Decarbing THCA flower is simple and works the same way as decarbing THC flower. The most popular method is to do so by using an oven and baking. Just set your oven to 200 degrees, line a baking tray with parchment paper, grind your THCA flower, spread it evenly across the parchment paper, and heat for 30-40 minutes. Once complete, let it cool down, and voila, you have a decarbed THCA flower.

Now, when it comes to the consumption method you’re enjoying for your THCA, it’s important to see how it will affect your experience. If you’re heating the cannabinoid in any way—whether it’s from vaping, smoking, or baking edibles—it’s going to transform and turn psychoactive. As we said before, THCA is not psychoactive, but it’s still crucial to keep in mind when picking your ideal product.

How High Does THCa Get You?

No, but it’s still important to monitor as you consume. We aren’t 100% sure how THCA is metabolized in the body, nor do we fully know how it works with the ECS. But, considering all that we know about THCA’s non-psychoactive effects, it appears as though THCA likely metabolizes itself in the body in a similar fashion to THC, but, as said before, it doesn’t bind to CB receptors in the ECS system.

If you’re new to the world of THCA, things like finding the right dosage—and even the right product — can feel intimidating.

In spite of the fact that THCA is not psychoactive, too much of anything is not necessarily a good thing. It’s important to remember two things when dosing: start low and go slowly. This means that you want to begin with a low dose of THCA and only slowly increase the amount as you see fit. Start with a low dose, such as 10 mg., and find that this works perfectly, then you’re set. But, if that’s not enough, it’s important to slowly increase the dosage by about 2.5-5 mg. at a time. By doing this, you allow your body to adjust to the new amount of THCA without overdosing.

As far as how long THCA will stay in your system, that will greatly depend on factors such as frequency of consumption, product dosage, individual tolerance, and body chemistry. If you’re new to cannabinoids, you should start low and slow. Also, be sure to monitor and possibly keep a journal to keep an account of how your body reacts to each dose or different THCA-infused product.

Is THCa Legal?

Yes, THCA is legal in the United States on a federal level. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, THCA is legal as long as it comes from hemp and contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Following those guidelines makes it legal on a federal level. That’s exactly why you can access such a large inventory of THCA products at our online shop!

While you can find it nearly anywhere in the nation, both online and offline, THCA isn’t legal in every state in the US. Various states have created laws and regulations surrounding the cannabinoid, making it either strictly regulated or banned outright.

Right now, THCA is illegal in the following states: 

  • Arkansas
  • Hawaii 
  • Minnesota

Therefore, it’s really important you do your own research to make sure you consume safely and responsibly. Certainly, being on the wrong side of the law has consequences that aren’t worth dealing with, so be sure to become familiar with current cannabis laws in every state.

Where Can I Buy THCA Online?

Whether you’re interested in THCA products like THCA flower, THCA diamonds, or THCA disposable vape pens, the best place to purchase these varieties of products will always be CannaAid. 

CannaAid offers quality products at affordable prices. The best part? It takes no time to ship these products right to your door, so you can have them in your hands as soon as possible. With us, there are long periods of waiting. Just place your order and have your top-shelf THCA products in just a few days. 

With a sea of ineffective and low quality products out there, buying your favorite THCA products can be a real challenge. When you’re shopping for THCa products, you want to find options that have doses around your ideal starting range. Find low-dose products at first, and then you can search for stronger ones as your body allows. 

Along with finding the right milligrams, you have to keep an eye out for a product’s third-party lab test results, also known as COAs. These certificates of analysis show that the company has taken the product and shipped it to a third party for testing. Here, the lab will test it for potency and purity, ensuring it has proper cannabinoid levels and no impurities like heavy metals, moisture, bacteria, or other harmful residues.

It’s also helpful to read customer reviews to see what others have to say about the product. Did they have any issues with quality, potency, or customer service? If so, how did the company respond or handle the situation? These are important factors to check, as they say a lot about the quality and transparency of a brand.

After checking for these things, it should be much easier to find the right THCA products for your mind and body, both online and offline.

Wrapping Up: The THCA High

As we’ve discussed, THCA is a precursor to THC that will not cause a high in the body. Not only smoking, but the versatile cannabinoid may be consumed in the form of THCA prerolls, THCA diamonds, THCA edibles, THCA disposable vape pens, and many others. 

If you’re curious to give THCA a try for the first time, feel free to scan CannaAid’s website and choose between a variety of products sure to provide you with a life-changing experience you never knew possible.


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