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How Long Does Delta 9 Stay in Your System?

How Long Does Delta 9 Stay In System

How long does Delta 9 stay in your system? It is essential for both novice and seasoned users to know this. At this point in time, we are navigating an altogether new landscape with regard to cannabis and hemp. When consumers start to take a more active role in their own health by using products that are high in cannabinoids and CBD, it raises the question, “How long does delta-9 remain in your system?”

Despite the fact that delta-9 can be found in a wide variety of goods, it is essential to take into consideration even the minute amounts of THC that are present in products that include a high concentration of CBD.

Drug tests are not an exception to the rule that there are a lot of things to think about when entering the realm of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinoids. Maintain your awareness and continue reading as we investigate the length of time that delta-9 remains in your system after use, as well as the specific aspects that you should pay attention to.

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Key Takeaways

  • The most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis, delta-9 THC, is typically linked to the intoxicating “THC” that is often used to describe the plant.
  • Even if you eat a high-CBD strain, a drug test might still detect delta-9 THC.
  • A number of factors, including the specific drug test used and the subject’s lifestyle and biochemistry, determine how long delta 9 is detectable in the blood.
  • The best way to get rid of Delta 9 is to stop using it and replace it with healthy activities.

What is Delta-9 THC?

The primary psychoactive component of cannabis and hemp, known as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is responsible for the buzzing sensation that users describe as “high.”

There is a vast array of physiological and psychological impacts brought about by the cascade of events that begins when delta-9 THC binds to brain receptors. The more mild delta-8 THC, which is usually made from CBD extracted from hemp, is likewise different from delta-9 THC.

Consumers across the United States now have easier access to hemp-derived delta-9 goods as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. This is in addition to the abundance of these products in regulated dispensaries in areas where cannabis is legal.

Drug tests will detect the presence of delta-9 THC in these items, even though consumers may not experience any intoxicating effects from them.

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How Does Delta-9 Enter Your Body?

Delta-9’s primary route into the human body is typically through the consumption or inhalation of cannabis and its derivatives. It is possible for minute amounts of THC to be introduced via THC-rich extracts, like those found in full-spectrum products. Additionally, due to the metabolic similarities between delta-8 and delta-9, there’s a potential for misleading test results indicating the presence of these substances.

Consequently, if you’re contemplating the use of CBD oil that might carry trace levels of THC, it’s critical to weigh the potential repercussions carefully. For those requiring CBD oil for health reasons, opting for isolate or broad-spectrum products over full-spectrum versions is advisable. Choosing brands that undergo independent, third-party lab testing to confirm negligible or non-existent delta-9 THC content is also recommended.

Upon entering the body, delta-9 is assimilated into the bloodstream, where it can be deposited in organs and adipose tissue to be metabolized or released gradually. THC stored in the kidneys may re-enter the bloodstream, leading to a recurring presence, although this diminishes over time. Eventually, the liver breaks down delta-9 THC into various metabolites, which are excreted via urine and feces.

Given that drug tests typically screen for these metabolites rather than delta-9 THC itself, and these metabolites linger in the body longer, the detection period can vary. The duration for which these metabolites stay within the body depends on the amount consumed, the frequency of use, and individual metabolic rates. Thus, understanding the persistence of delta-9 in the body requires consideration of these factors, with testing possible through urine, blood, saliva, and hair follicle samples.

Can a Drug Test Find Delta-9 THC?

Yes, as a matter of fact, drug tests that normally look for THC metabolites can reveal Delta 9 THC. Even small quantities of delta-9 can be detected by drug tests. These tests are specifically tailored to identify THC metabolites in your body, covering delta-9 THC as well.

Upon ingestion, delta-9 is taken up into your bloodstream. It can then accumulate in various organs and fat tissue, where it can either be metabolized over time or released gradually. The metabolites produced can be identified through various testing methods, with urine testing being the most prevalent, but also including blood, saliva, and hair follicle tests.

How Long Does Delta 9 Stay in Your System?

To emphasize this, drug tests do not distinguish between hemp-derived delta-9 THC and other forms of THC. Regardless of the source, THC is THC, meaning that consumption of a high-CBD product with minor THC content could still be detected on a drug test, with each test varying slightly in sensitivity.

Urine Test  

The frequency of delta-9 THC consumption plays a significant role in determining its detectability and duration in the system for urine tests. The elimination of delta-9 THC from the body is faster among users who do not take it often. For individuals consuming delta-9 THC three to four times weekly, it’s possible to receive a negative test result within three days to a week after cessation. In contrast, daily users may need to wait a minimum of 15 days, and heavy users, those consuming several times a day, might see over 30 days before testing negative.

Blood Test 

In blood tests, delta-9 THC tends to be traceable for a shorter period compared to urine tests. Users engaging three to four times a week can anticipate testing negative within a few days post-consumption. However, for daily or more frequent users, the time frame extends up to 25 days before achieving a negative blood test outcome.

Saliva Test

For saliva drug screenings, delta-9 THC presence is also detectable. Those using delta-9 THC moderately, about three to four times a week, might test negative for one to three days afterward. It may take up to 29 days for frequent users—daily or more—to receive a negative saliva test result.

How Long Do Delta 9 Gummies Stay in Your Body?

The THC in gummies can still be detected on drug tests, but they are still a popular way to consume delta-9 THC. The delta-9 THC in edibles remains in the body for a longer period of time compared to inhaled THC since it takes your liver longer to break it down. The concentration of inhaled THC drops the moment its effects begin to wear off. Delta-9 gummies are similar to regular gummies in most respects.

How long delta 9 stays in your system is conditional on several variables. For instance, compared to a high-THC flower strain or edible offering, a high-CBD gummy with trace levels of delta 9 will exit your system more rapidly.

Factors that Influence THC in the System

The amount of time that Delta 9 THC can be detected in your system depends on a number of individual factors, such as your biology and the way you live your life.

THC Consumption and Frequency

It’s crucial to understand that the quantity of Delta 9 THC consumed directly impacts how long it remains in your system. The concentration of Delta 9 THC in the products used plays a significant role; for instance, individuals using products with a high CBD content but low Delta 9 THC levels typically clear THC from their systems faster than those using products rich in THC.


Another crucial factor is how quickly your body metabolizes and eliminates THC. Various elements, including age, gender, muscle-to-fat ratio, physical activity levels, and hormonal balance, can influence one’s metabolism. People whose metabolisms are more efficient at eliminating THC have a smaller window of opportunity to be detected.

Body Fat  

Since THC is lipophilic, meaning it binds readily to fat, its elimination from the body can be prolonged in individuals with higher body fat percentages. Consequently, those with more body fat may experience slower THC metabolism, extending the period THC remains detectable.


While dehydration can lead to a higher THC concentration in the body, attempting to expedite THC elimination through excessive water consumption does not necessarily work. Overhydration might dilute urine samples to the extent that drug tests become inconclusive, possibly necessitating a retest.

What Represents a High THC Urine Level?

Many individuals, ranging from medical marijuana patients to recreational users in areas where it’s legally permitted, find themselves concerned about THC detection in urine for various reasons, including employment drug screenings.

Over time, the concentration of THC detectable in urine decreases. The question of whether 44 days is sufficient to clear a drug test is common, but the answer varies based on consumption habits. Daily or frequent users of delta-9 might still test positive for THC up to 90 days post-use in hair follicle analyses, although a urine test may return negative results for many within 30 to 60 days for those who consume less frequently.

Drug tests, including those analyzing urine, have specific sensitivity thresholds. Screenings for THC in urine usually detect levels between 15 and 50 nanograms per milliliter, with the lower threshold being more stringent. Most urine tests are calibrated near the 50-nanogram mark, offering a margin of tolerance.

Given these testing thresholds, individuals facing sudden drug tests have some strategies to diminish THC levels. Engaging in vigorous physical activity, increasing water intake, and consuming caffeine may help lower THC concentrations. Additionally, the market offers various detox products, though their effectiveness in enhancing the likelihood of passing a drug test can vary.

What is the Best Way to Detox from THC in Order to Pass a Drug Test?

Numerous strategies claim to expedite the removal of THC from your system, including various detox kits and beverages. While such products may offer some benefits, they also come with cautionary advice due to the risk of still testing positive. Employers often view the attempt to cleanse THC from your system with detox products as equivalent to a test failure. Furthermore, in certain jurisdictions or job scenarios, attempting to manipulate a drug test result can be considered illegal.

The safest and most reliable method to eliminate delta-9 THC from your body is to simply refrain from its use. Adopting healthy lifestyle choices can also aid in more swiftly clearing delta 9 from your system. 

For those seeking to rapidly eliminate delta 9, consider the following advice:

  • Maintain adequate hydration. Drinking half an ounce to an ounce of water per pound of body weight is a general guideline; there’s no need to excessively overdo it.
  • Follow a balanced diet that limits sugary, salty, and fatty foods to moderate consumption, as these can decelerate your metabolism.
  • Engage in consistent physical activity. Since THC is fat-soluble and stored in fat cells, exercising can help burn off these cells and enhance your metabolic rate.

Can You Remove Delta 9 Faster Before A Drug Test?

No, not really. While some methods claim to speed up the process of removing THC from your system, effectiveness is not guaranteed, and some methods may not be safe. By following the methods above, you have a chance to speed up the process, but it is not guaranteed. Only abstinence from Delta 9 and an ample amount of time is guaranteed to get  D9 out of your system. You may be lucky, depending on your body type.

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Many users wonder, “How long does Delta 9 THC stay in the system?” especially when facing an upcoming drug test. We hope that we have helped you answer this question throughout this page. Understanding how long D9 stays in your system is vital for both new and veteran cannabis users navigating the evolving landscape of cannabis and hemp consumption. With the increasing adoption of cannabinoid-rich products for wellness and recreational purposes, it’s essential to consider the implications of THC’s presence in your system, especially concerning drug tests. Factors such as consumption frequency, metabolism, body fat, and hydration play significant roles in determining how long Delta 9 stays in your system, affecting detection in various types of drug screenings.

CannaAid emerges as the premier online destination for Delta 9 products, offering an unmatched combination of quality, affordability, and customer service. Our diverse range of Delta 9 products, from gummies and THC shots to disposables and chocolates, is rigorously tested to ensure purity and potency, guaranteeing a superior and safe user experience. For those concerned about THC detection, understanding these factors and considering the benefits of products from trusted sources like CannaAid can help navigate usage responsibly. Whether you’re exploring Delta 9 for therapeutic benefits or leisure, CannaAid stands ready to provide the best in quality and service, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind with every purchase.


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